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What are bounties?

In partnership with Guild MM we are announcing bounties on fractal bosses! As a fellow fractal player, this is your call to hunt down the bounties and collect the reward.

Bounties are a new type of fractal competition, taking place as occasional standalone events. They require a less rigid time allocation from participants, than a classic (live) tournament format would. At the start of each event, both a T4 Fractal and a Challenge Mode boss will be drawn (based upon the instabilities for the event duration) and teams will compete to get the fastest clear / kill times on both encounters. After the announcement of the two bounties, teams will have two weeks to practice and record their best runs following the Fractal Bounties Ruleset. Once the two-week event is up, teams will have two days to submit their best runs via the submission page following the submission information found below.

Teams other than the first three will also be rewarded, allowing everyone to have a shot at a price.

Winter Bounty

  • 24th Nov.

    Encounter reveal

    The Tier 4 fractal and challenge mode boss will be announced

  • 25th Nov. - 9th Dec.


    Teams will be grinding the previously picked fractal and CM for their best times.

  • 9th - 11th Dec.


    Teams may prepare their videos and submit their run via the form.

  • 12th Dec.


    The results will be published on stream by Guild MM. After that the leaderboard will be accessible on the website