Power Staff Weaver

Great Damage Build

Large Hitbox34137 DPSby Roul [SC]

Due to the continueing nerfs the Power Staff Weaver it went down in the great builds section for fractals. Still, it offers one of the highest burst and consistent DPS numbers in the game on large, stationary hitboxes. Keep in mind that all six bosses in the current CM fractals are stationary, have a large hitbox and favor burst damage.

Staff Weaver has some utilities in the form of burst Vulnerability, AoE Blind, and easy Might pre-stacking. The bad news is that Weaver has no reflects, no fast reachable crowd control skills apart from and no Stability compared to Tempest.

The Arcane variant is not used anymore due to Chronomancer nerfs. The builds are without Druid since the Glyph of Empowerment skill got removed from the game. Druid no longer grants damage boost aside from ( Soulbeast can take that), thus making the Renegade/Firebrand comp even more dominant. You can still use the Gear Optimizer if you still play with druid.

The build benefits from slaying potions such as and .

Equipment without Spotter and Weakness
  • Assassin


  • Assassin


  • Assassin


  • Assassin


  • Assassin


  • Berserker


  • Berserker Staff

    Force, Impact

Swap Weapons
  • Staff with / ( doesn't stack anymore)
  • Staff with / for the Nightmare Fractal
  • At least a Scepter and Dagger for Might stacking, Sword if you want to go the extra mile.
  • Note that the Gear with and without is identical.
Back and trinkets
Standard Arcane Variant
  • Fire

  • Air

  • Weaver

Deals the same damage as with a higher cooldown and less charges but affects up to five targets. Useful to cleave adds faster or if you need adittional blast finisher.
Can be used on big hitboxes. Has more burst than . Can be used from range with the disadvantage of not being able to move. Mostly used as a third weapon or to swap with another weaver.
An alternative damage skill for long burst phases.
A 900 range teleport, sufficient for most blink spots.
An alternative heal skill providing additional group heal.
An alternative heal skill providing a strong condition cleanse.
Strong defence against pulsing damage (e.g. Heat Room Thaumanova Reactor).
Provides three blocks (e.g. Aether blade console room, Underground Facility).
If you have no problems with survivability, you can take this trait for a higher Retaliation uptime.
Used for personal Stability (e.g. Aether blade console room, Underground Facility).
Can be considered for some extra health if you are at 100% critical chance without .
Skill priority

The rotation is very complex and highly depends on a good Alacrity uptime. Below is a descending list of priorities:

  1. Use whenever possible (basically every 6s) and fill the gaps in between with the skills listed below. Any delay on using it will delay your important DPS skills, thus always use first.

  2. Use whenever possible and immediately switch to while casting. Cast before switching back to , cast and finally a new .

    1. You can also start in /, use , , attune to / use and cast while attuning back to /.
  3. While attuned to / or / and , and are on cooldown use a conjured weapon and switch back to / during the first attack:

    1. In : (inside the bosses hitbox) => 2x auto-attack chain.
    2. Or in : Only when you can whirl against a wall => => . In the standard rotation this weapon is used in / to skip .
    3. Or in : => => .
  4. Switch to when is ready or will be in <4 seconds. Cast and first and switch back to / while casting to profit from the better modifiers in

    1. If is ready skip and and cast immediately followed by while switching back to /
    2. You can also use this rotation to cast : Start in /, , , /, , , , /, , , /, , and continue with a weapon.
    3. If you have a source for Vulnerability only use on bosses where you will only cast one storm per phase, like Skorvald and Ensolyss, or as last storm if the boss is close to death, otherwise cast .
  5. Use (or ) three times while double-attuned with and holding (Ferocity boost), preferably while the defiance bar is broken.

  6. Use if you can't finish another before leaving

  7. Don't start casting if you can't finish it

  8. If you are in / and all relevant skills are on cd attune to /. Cast , and one while attuning back to /.

  9. If the boss fight will end in the next seconds and you have no good skills left attune to / to get a last burst with in.

Fire Opener (no Vulnerability)
  1. Start in /. If you had a mistlock use followed by . Otherwise start with before the fight starts.

  2. Attune to / and cast and .

  3. Cast while attuning to / followed by .

  4. Cast , => (inside the bosses hitbox) => 1x chain. Use x3 while you have the in hand.

    1. If the breakbar is not broken after you summond your use before .
  5. Cast , and attune /.

  6. Use and summon your , => / => .

  7. Cast and . Attune /

  8. Use x3, , , Attune /.

  9. Cast , and one while attuning back to /.



Start in / and pre-cast three seconds before the fight starts. Switch to / and use and a moment before triggers. Attune to / and continue with the normal opener below.

Normal opener

  1. Start in / with and

  2. Switch to /

  3. and

    1. /
    2. x3
    3. 2x chain
  4. and

  5. Switch to /

    1. /
  6. /

  7. Continue with the usual priority list


Start in / with and . Attune to / and continue with the rotation above. This is useful for fights where the breakbar is delayed or you are moving to the boss initially.

Hard CC skills
150 damage
if crossed150 damage
200 damage
if crossed200 damage
232 damage
300 damage
Soft CC skills
45 damage Crippled 3 sec
, , , 60 damage Weakness 3 sec
100 damage Blind 5 sec
100 damage Immobile 2 sec
140 damage Blind 4 sec, Weakness 3 sec
150 damage Crippled 6 sec, Weakness 3 sec
166-192 damage Chilled 2-4 sec, Weakness 3 sec
198 damage Chilled 6 sec

Huge Hitbox: 34.1k DPS by Roul [SC]