Hybrid Chronomancer

Great Support Build

Small Hitbox15924 DPSby Van Gherwen [SC]

The Hybrid Chronomancer is the ideal support variant if you're playing with a Druid and Air Weavers. It provides permanent Quickness, Alacrity and around 10x Might while dealing relatively high personal DPS.

With the Dueling/Illusions variant you have to run to keep up Quickness and can't share Aegis but gain Vigor and deal high DPS; while the Inspiration/Illusions variant allows you to run and spam group Aegis with , , , , and .

The build has access to the usual mesmer utilities such as and Stealth skips, strong reflects, boon strip and amazing crowd control skills. You can also run a focus for Pulls and reflects with .

While the sheer amount of possibilities are nice to look at, the Chronomancer is one of the harder builds to play as the skills require timing and good dynamic decision-making.

Equipment (150 AR + Regular Infusions)

As the Hybrid Chronomancer does not use the Chaos specialization with , it can not reach 100% Boon Duration without Harrier items, 161+ AR or Concentration infusions.

Please use our Gear Optimizer to calculate the optimal gear for your personal Agony Resistance level.

  • Harrier


  • Berserker


  • Commander


  • Harrier


  • Commander


  • Harrier


  • Commander Sword


  • Commander Shield


  • Empty
  • Commander Sword


Swap Weapons
  • Focus when reflects or pulls are needed
  • Torch for Might stacking
  • Pistol for extra CC
Back and trinkets
Duel/Illu Build
  • Dueling

  • Illusions

  • Chronomancer


Duel/Illu by Van Gherwen [SC] - 15.9k DPS

This build variant has the highest personal DPS but needs to keep up permanent Quickness and can't share Aegis.

Situational Traits
A slight DPS loss but adds some party healing.
Use it together with a focus for Pulls and reflects. Swap out your offhand sword in that case.
Increases the duration of all your Stealth skills by 50%.
Heals and removes conditions on every Shatter skill.
A strong personal condition cleanse.
A minor DPS increase, if you don't run you can trait it anyway.
Two seconds longer duration for Glamour skills like .
Situational Skills
A stronger group heal and condition cleanse if your party has problems with incoming damage.
One of the strongest reflect skills, protecting everyone inside from projectiles for 6 seconds.
Party escort service.
A 1200 range teleport. It breaks Stun on use, which means it gets executed even if there is no valid path to your mouse target - keep this in mind.
Enables you to use key utilities twice. If you use at the end of the cast, you get a "free" mimic and can do stuff like triple without the need for any illusions.
Necessary if you need to remove boons and have no Spellbreaker.
Useful for party skipping. Provides 15 seconds of Stealth with and .
Written Opener
  1. Open on Sword/Sword with and

  2. Cast during the aftercast of one of the following skills:

    1. for maximum DPS
    2. if you need CC and run Insp/Illu
    3. if you need CC and run Duel/Illu
  3. Cast if you run Duel/Illu

  4. and

  5. You will have enough time left for with Insp/Illu, otherwise will end during the cast

  6. Cast and again

  7. -> ->

  8. Weapon swap

CC skills
1000 damage
200-1200 damage
100-400 damage
150 damage
150 damage with Slow
100 damage
99 damage with Chilled
Skill priority

As it is almost impossible to follow a fixed rotation in fractals, try to keep to the following list of priorities:

  1. Keep up Quickness using , , and

  2. Keep up Alacrity using , , and

  3. Break any defiance bar as fast as possible using , and

  4. Do as much DPS as possible

    1. Use with whenever ready
    2. Use off recharge, possibly twice with (with three illusions)
    3. Don't interrupt your auto-attack chains as the third hit () deals the most damage
    4. Cast (twice if traited) followed by whenever you have three illusions up and don't plan to use in the next 15 seconds
    5. is not worth using over auto-attack for DPS but grants Protection