Consumables Guide
April 17, 2018

Fractal Consumables

Executioner Axe Toy
Offers improved movement by holding Skill 2 and cancelling the final hit through the drop bundle skill. Can be boosted by Swiftness and even Superspeed to achieve stellar speed.
White Mantle Portal Device
Can be used to create a portal between two locations, similar to the Mesmer's
Portal Entre
skill. The 30 minute cooldown can be reset by using /gg two times.
Watchwork Portal Device
Also creates a portal, but can not be dropped between the start and end location. Consumed upon use.
Shining Blade Bounty Notice: Ruye the Crimson
If you activate the notice before an unskippable cutscene (like after Skorvald in the Shattered Observatory Fractal ), you will be able to move and cast during the video, though it will still cover your main view.
Harpy Feathers
Provides 3 seconds of Stealth on a 6s cooldown.
Order of Whispers Spy Kit
Provides 3 seconds of Stealth on a 60s cooldown.
Ash Legion Spy Kit
Provides 10 seconds of Stealth , ends if you move. Useful to activate the console in the Underground Facility Fractal .
Metal Rod
The Stunning Strike skill (20s cooldown) causes 500 defiance bar damage and is available to all professions. It also stacks with
Superior Sigil of Paralyzation
and traits like
Moment of Clarity
Wooden Plank
The Plank Buster skill (4s cooldown) causes 332 defiance bar damage and is available to all professions. Warriors also have access to Plank Smash (400 Defiance Bar damage) and Plank Spin (150 defiance bar damage).
Throw it to cause 200 defiance bar damage. Has no cooldown and can be used from range.
Power Matrix
Causes 200 defiance bar damage in an area around you upon detonation.

Mob-specific enhancements

Any mob during NightNone
Superior Sigil of the Night

(doesn't stack with
Demon & Elemental
Powerful Potion of Demon Slaying

Powerful Potion of Elemental Slaying
Superior Sigil of Demon Slaying

Superior Sigil of Elemental Slaying
Powerful Potion of Dredge Slaying
Superior Sigil of Sorrow
Powerful Potion of Grawl Slaying
Superior Sigil of Grawl Slaying
Flame Legion
Powerful Potion of Flame Legion Slaying
Superior Sigil of Smothering
Powerful Potion of Inquest Slaying
Superior Sigil of Mad Scientists
Powerful Potion of Krait Slaying
Superior Sigil of Serpent Slaying
Powerful Potion of Outlaw Slaying
Superior Sigil of Justice
Scarlet's Armies
Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet's Armies
Sons of Svanir
Powerful Potion of Sons of Svanir Slaying
Superior Sigil of Wrath

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