Damage Mitigation Guide
April 17, 2018

Projectiles Destruction / Reflection

A lot of projectiles in fractals can be reflected or destroyed to prevent various boss mechanics, like the expiration of Bonfires in the Snowblind Fractal or the emergence of burning fields from Solar Orbs at Arkk in the Shattered Observatory Fractal.

Below is a list of currently used projectile reflect or absorb skills and traits:



(Utility, best used during
, )
Temporal Curtain

(Focus 4, traited with
Phantasmal Warden

(Focus 5, rather inconsistent)
Tides of Time

(Shield 5)


Magnetic Aura

(Staff 3,
Swirling Winds

(Focus 4,

(Utility skill)
Sand Squall

(Warhorn 4,



Wall of Reflection

(Utility skill)
Tome of Courage

(Tome Skill 3)


Lesser Smoke Screen

(Utility skill)
Punishing Strikes

(Auto attack chain)


Shattering Blow

(Utility skill)
Flaming Flurry

(Sword F1)

Blocks, Evades and Invulnerables

Certain mechanics can be bypassed by using block, Invulnerability or Aegis skills. Those ward against any attack (including projectiles) and usually prevent the application of conditions and control effects. Note that some abilities are unblockable!

Below is a list of commonly used defensive skills:


(F4, is a personal invulnerable)

You can trait
Inspiring Distortion
to share with allies (5 seconds internal cooldown) when you gain distortion
Any signet with
Blurred Inscriptions
and phantasm with
Illusionary Inspiration
apply distortion as well