Fractal Basics Guide
April 17, 2018

Team Composition

The current "meta" group setup for fractals consists of the following builds:

ChronomancerThe Chronomancer's role consists of providing 100% Quickness uptime, good Alacrity uptime, strong utilities in terms of heavy crowd control, reflects, shared Aegis ,
Portal Entre
skips, group Stealth and medium power DPS. It is by far the most important profession in the team offering a combination of abilities like no other profession does.
The Boon Chronomancer is even capable of providing every single boon in the game which has great synergy with traits like
Bountiful Power
WarriorThe Warrior is still essential to any team, providing strong party buffs in the form of
Banner of Strength
Banner of Discipline
Empower Allies
. The currently favored build is the Banner Warrior setup with CC, boonstrip capabilities and good burst DPS.
WeaverThe Weaver is the typical damage dealer. Its main purpose is to deal as much damage as possible while providing minor utilities with AoE Blind ,
Lightning Flash
and Might pre-stacking. Ideally you want as many Weaver as possible in your party. Good groups usually go with 3 Weavers.
DruidThe Druid significantly buffs the group's damage output with
Storm Spirit
Frost Spirit
Glyph of Empowerment
, 25x Might , Fury and
while also providing party heals and condition cleanses. If required, it can even provide permanent Protection and Stability when needed.

The only interchangeable slots in the prevailing team composition are the two DPS slots, which may be swapped with any other profession. While condition-based team setups are perfectly viable, power setups tend to outperform them in fractals due to

Superior Sigil of Impact and Slaying Potions like
Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet's Armies
. Fights are also shorter than in raids and power classes usually benefit more from the additional precision from the
Infinite Mist Omnipotion

Usage of /gg

You can use the chat command /gg within fractals to immediately kill your character (dead, not downed). This can be used generously in fractal skips, as it allows the entire party to teleport to a checkpoint once one player activates it.If everyone in the party is dead at the same time, cooldowns will reset for all players. Therefore it is advised for the entire group to use /gg at certain key positions to reset long cooldowns, like between Siax (2nd boss) and Ensolyss (3rd boss) in 99CM. Never resurrect as long as another player is still alive.

Note that the Druid's

Celestial Avatar will fully recharge after the resurrection.

A dead player

Mistlock Instabilities

Tier 4 fractals always have three Mistlock Instabilities active which add additional mechanics to the fights. The selection is fixed for each difficulty level and specified in the top panel of each fractal guide.

Below is a list of all current instabilities and their possible countermeasures.

Adrenaline RushEnemies deal 50% more damage below 10% health. This also enhances special boss abilities, so be sure to finish mobs off quickly.
AfflictedEnemies apply random damaging conditions ( Bleeding , Burning , Confusion , Poison and Torment ). A good countermeasure is to have the Druid use
Healing Spring
in combination with
Trapper's Expertise
Flux BombCauses players in combat to be randomly marked with Flux Bombs which leave a damaging and blinding AoE field behind. Do not place those inside the combat area, learn to dash away right before the field deploys. If you keep walking forward while marked you wont get any damage from the bomb.
Last LaughEach enemy killed explodes within a 180 radius 1.75 seconds after its death, dealing high damage and apply Daze to foes around it. Recognizable by a yellow zone after a mob's death.
Mists ConvergenceCauses a set of effects from other fractals to spawn, including The Mossman , a deadly Champion Rabbit , Veteran Jade Maw Tentacles , an air strike from the PvP map Skyhammer and the cannon assault from Captain Mai Trin Fractal.
No Pain No GainEnemies receive Protection , Might and Fury when you hit them. Has a 20 second internal cooldown per enemy, conveniently lining up with the Mesmer's
Phantasmal Disenchanter
Social AwkwardnessPlayers receive 1 stack of Agony and 10% health damage when they attack enemies while an ally is within a 44 unit range. This is the most annoying instability and active in almost all relevant T4 fractals. Spread out to prevent killing each other, but stay in melee range to keep benefiting from group buffs.
Toxic TrailEnemies leave a trail of poison behind them which inflicts direct damage and the Poison condition. Can be very dangerous when fighting multiple mobs.
Fractal VindicatorsFractal Avengers are replaced by hard-hitting Fractal Vindicators. Those need to be killed as fast as possible to prevent further chaos.
HamstrungThe lower your health, the slower you move. Heal yourself!

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