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Template Code
  • Quickness (party): 100%
  • Stability (party): on demand
  • Aegis (party): on demand
  • Condi Damage
Synergy very high
DPS high
Independence very high
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masteryaverage

The Condi Firebrand can provide permanent Quickness (if necessary) to the party while dealing high consistent DPS. Your tomes are by far your most important skills, they enable you to do great DPS as well as support and heal your allies. Thanks to those, the build is able to adapt to various situations with Stability, Resistance, reflects and pulls.

This build has tremendous amounts of self-sustain and is therefore also a great build for soloing content:

  • Permanent Quickness.

  • Some Might uptime.

  • Tome of Resolve for heals.
  • Tome of Courage for Stability, Resistance, reflects and damage reduction.
  • Optionally: Litany of Wrath for a 6s long high HP regeneration.

Overall this build is one of the best picks for newer players, for PuGs as Quickness provider or for people that want to be more independent of their groups.


Note that this build variant gains boon duration from the Infinite Mist Omnipotion and Toxic Maintenance Oil. To keep up permanent Quickness you will need to reach 24.6% boon duration. For longer fights drop Superior Sigil of Earth for Superior Sigil of Concentration. You will want the following weapons to swap to durning fractal runs:

  • Greatsword for pulling adds in Nightmare CM after MAMA and some T4s
  • A staff for Might pre-stacking.
  • If you have low might uptime you can change Superior Sigil of Torment to Superior Sigil of Strength.
  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Viper


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  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Empty
Profession Image
  • 2909
  • 1243
  • 1250
  • 2085
  • 300
  • 2791
  • 451
  • 421
  • 162
  • 0
  • 2514
  • 15560
  • 86.67%
  • 170%
  • 250
  • 30.07%
  • 28.07%
  • 0
  • Radiance
  • Virtues
  • Firebrand

If your team has a hard time applying Vulnerability you can swap Virtues trait line with Zeal and replace Purging Flames with Sword of Justice. This will help you to maintain Vulnerability on enemies better.

  • Zeal

This build provides permanent Quickness. For different variants, such as organized Sunqua Peak groups or full DPS, please scroll down.
Defiance Bar Damage
Blazing Edge150 damage
Hammer of Wisdom200 damage
in Tome of Justice150 damage
Sanctuary1050 damage over 7 seconds (thanks to Master of Consecrations)
Chains of LightImmobile 50/s
in Tome of CourageTaunt 75/s
Situational Skills
A 1,200 range teleport to an ally.
When Stability is needed.
When Stability or a stunbreak is needed.
Deals an additional 200 defiance bar damage.
A stationary reflect lasting for 10 seconds.
When Stability or a stunbreak is needed.
A 1200 range teleport to an enemy.
Cleanses conditions.
Huge CC and projectile destruction.
Cleanses multiple conditions thanks to charges.
Recharges all virtue skills, grants Invulnerability for 3 seconds.
Build Variants
Full DPS variant

You can play Condi Firebrand as a DPS by making minor adjustments to the build.

  • Firebrand
Multiple DPS Firebrands

This build assumes you are playing in a comp with multiple Condi Firebrands and allows Legendary Lore and Renewed Focus to be played for more DPS and an additional Tome reset. You need at least 2 Firebrands to play this build to maintain Quickness!

  • Firebrand

To keep up Quickness:

  • Use "Feel My Wrath!" whenever ready

  • Use Mantra of Solace and Mantra of Potence. Keep in mind that Mantra of Solace does Quickness only every seven seconds (Liberator's Vow)!

  • Only use these skills close to your allies - try to "puke" on them with the mantras

  • Keep in mind that equipping or stowing a tome grants you 3 seconds of Quickness every 8 seconds thanks to Swift Scholar!

Tomes are very useful when no other skills are ready. Tome of Justice also gets refreshed every time an enemy dies (works with anomalies at Skorvald/Artsariiv/Arkk, knights at MAMA and hallucinations at Siax).

The Tome of Courage and Tome of Resolve are great for high incoming damage scenarios.

  • Tome of Justice (F1):
  • Tome of Resolve (F2):
  • Tome of Courage (F3):
Rotation / Skill usage
Make sure to only press Zealot's Fire three times (twice to throw the projectile and once to activate the skill initially) or you will cancel a wasted cast! Never interrupt your axe auto attack chain! Keep Purging Flames on cooldown!

Starting on Axe:

  1. Purging Flames
  2. Zealot's Flame (Torch 4)
  3. Symbol of Vengeance (Axe 2)
  4. Zealot's Fire (Torch 4)
  5. Weapon Swap

  6. Symbol of Punishment (Scepter 2)
  7. Zealot's Fire (Torch 4)
  8. Tome of Justice (F1)
  9. Cleansing Flame (Torch 5)
  10. Symbol of Punishment (Scepter 2)
  11. Zealot's Flame (Torch 4)
  12. Two Zealot's Fire (Torch 4)

  13. Weapon Swap

  14. Symbol of Vengeance (Axe 2)
  15. Blazing Edge (Axe 3)

When Tome of Justice is off cd you just repeat this rotation.

Golem rotation
by Frenzy

The most important part is to get the precast of Ashes of the Just right! You have to start the fight quickly to not lose the stacks since they only last 10 seconds!

  1. Use Hallowed Ground

  2. Blast a fire field with Holy Strike and/or Hammer of Wisdom

  3. While casting: Use 3 charges of Mantra of Potence and share Mantra of Solace (keep in mind that Mantra of Solace only shares Quickness once every 7 seconds thanks to Liberator's Vow)

  4. Use "Feel My Wrath!"

  5. Open Tome of Justice and use

  6. Take the Mistlock Singularity

  7. Use "Feel My Wrath!" again

On Mistlock Instability: Boon Overload days you can drop "Feel My Wrath!" for Renewed Focus: