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  • August 5, 2022
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  • Power Damage
Synergy average
DPS high
Independence average
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masterydifficult
The Dragonhunter is a good and easy to play build for fractals. It has great burst options and deals high consistent damage while providing medium defiance bar damage and high Vulnerability. The build offers a unique party wide offensive buff by sharing
for 216 Power and also strong on-demand defensive support with
and other useful skills such as
The Power Dragonhunter has access to blocks with
and a very strong heal skill (
) that makes the player invincible for 6 seconds. It also benefits from slaying potions and slaying sigils such as
Unfortunately, the Dragonhunter is relying on fast CC to capitalize on the immediate high burst damage. Playing this build in slower groups therefore might not be as rewarding as the condi builds of Guardian. Sharing
with a party that can't capitalize on the unique buff might also be frustrating.
Before progressing to the advanced version of this page, we recommend acquiring an in-depth understanding of your CC skills and when to use them efficiently. You should be able to hit consistently high DPS, which you can verify with arc-dps. And finally, you should be able to execute the basic step-by-step rotation provided below without spending too much thought on it.
The advanced page provides a more complete overview of all the utilities the Guardian has to offer. If you ever feel like you are missing information feel free to already swap to the advanced page!
Although this build lists 162 Agony Resistance, it is not a strict requirement! We recommend getting started with this build anyway - even if it might be suboptimal while being in Tier 1 or 2 fractals. Keep upgrading your Agony Resistance until you reach the suggested variant. In the beginning, it is much more important to learn about fractal mechanics and your skills rather than equipping optimal gear.
If you cannot maintain good Resolution uptime during your bursts, you may want to play with
. By playing this trait you will lose Precision so will need to adjust your gear to Crit Cap.
Check the gear optimizer for more gear variants!
  • Berserker
  • Assassin
  • Assassin
  • Assassin
  • Assassin
  • Assassin
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Radiance
  • Zeal
  • Dragonhunter
CC skills
300 damage
150 damage
150 damage
150 damage
250 damage
200 damage
750 damage
Situational Skills
You should drop
When Stability or a stunbreak is needed.
Deals an additional 200 defiance bar damage.
A stationary reflect lasting for 10 seconds.
When you are certain no extra Quickness or Fury is needed.
Huge CC and projectile destruction.
Rotation / Skill Usage
Step-by-Step Rotation
Step 0: Bane Signet
grants you a passive boost to your Power. Its active effect (when clicked) will inflict a high amount of CC (300 CC) on your target and share the passive with your allies for 10 seconds through
. Therefore, you want to do the following:
  • If a Mistlock Singularity is present, cast
    there to share its buff right before you run into the fight, then take the singularity.
  • If a boss starts with a break bar, you should cast
    at the start to help with breaking the bar while also sharing its passive to your allies to enhance their burst damage as well.
  • If a boss does not get a break bar early into the fight, you can use
    before the fight starts to share the passive and start right with your burst when the boss spawns.
Step 1: Greatsword Skills
The first step consists of using
off-cooldown (in this order of priority if multiple come up at the same time).
  • and
    are your 2 biggest damaging weapon skills on the Greatsword.
  • Make sure to be in the hitbox of the enemy whenever possible for
    deals additional damage when casted inside a hitbox.
  • will deal more damage if you are in the hitbox while there are extra enemies around.
Step 2: Trap + F1 Combo
Next up, it is time to incorporate
  • Try to always wait until both skills are up again and then cast
    first, followed by
  • Using
    will tether you to your target making you deal increased damage while it is active due to
  • Your trap
    deals high damage and you therefore should always cast it while being tethered to your target.
  • If you kill certain enemies, your
    will reset due to
    . Wait until you get your trap back to cast both of them unless the boss will phase or die before this happens.
The opener at this step looks like this:
Step 3: Sword of Justice
Now it is time to incorporate another strong utility skill,
  • has 3 maximum charges. It summons a sword that will deal damage and inflict Vulnerability on nearby enemies while it is active.
  • Its recharge time aligns with the cooldown of
    so we will always use 1 charge right before we cast our Trap + F1. This will enhance the burst damage further.
  • The other charges may be used between other skill casts in our opener or any time we do not have another skill ready to use as we should always get one charge back when our F1 comes back up for our burst due to them having the same cooldown. Try to use them while tethered to an enemy with
    for the extra damage.
Step 4: Sword skills
This last step will not contribute much to your consistent DPS but can increase your burst by a good amount which is especially important in fights with shorter phases. We will use
at the start of the fight, then swap to Greatsword and do our regular rotation.
The opener should now look like this:
  1. Swap to Greatsword
Improving Further
Once you are comfortable with the above steps, you are already doing most of the full rotation and will be able to deal great burst damage and good consistent damage.
There will be a few additional things on the advanced page to improve further but if you got here, you already know the most important things and these will have a smaller impact than what you learned so far.
The additional steps are:
  • Incorporate your Focus skills into the rotation, namely
  • Weapon swap more often on fights with long phases, usually after using
    twice on the respective weapon set.
  • Precasts: You can cast lasting skills such as
    before the fight starts to get your damage up earlier and have 1 less cast in your opener.
Step-by-Step Video
This video shows the step-by-step approach to the rotation listed on the left.
by Ascers
Golem Rotation
This video shows the full rotation on the golem. It will slightly vary from the step-by-step version. It also uses the raid setup so numbers will not be comparable.
by Nagy
Underwater combat
It is very much recommended to play Condi Firebrand since it provides much better DPS compared to the Power Dragonhunter. If you still want to play Power Dragonhunter for whatever reason follow these rough guidelines.
  • Open with
    for Resolution
  • Cast
    and swap to spear. Camp spear now.
  • Priority list:
    1. (Spear 2)
    2. (Spear 4)
    3. (Spear 3)