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  • Power Damage
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DPS very high
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Achieving masterydifficult

The Soulbeast is a DPS build with very high burst damage that also provides strong party buffs with Frost Spirit and One Wolf Pack, some Vulnerability and crowd control (CC) skills. Furthermore, Whirling Defense is an exceedingly strong reflect skill that comes in handy on several encounters (e.g. Artsariiv). The build benefits from slaying potions and slaying sigils such as Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet's Armies and Superior Sigil of Serpent Slaying.

This build is rather self-sufficient due to:

  • Quickness from Live Fast
  • Might from Hunter's Gaze
  • Boon extension by Essence of Speed, "We Heal As One!"
  • High CC with Charge, Point-Blank Shot and Path of Scars
  • High mobility via Monarch's Leap, Charge and Swoop

Overall this is a very well rounded build that is rewarding to play in both PuGs and organized teams alike.


If you are going to play without Spotter or Banner of Discipline you will be missing 100 precision. To crit cap you can either adjust your gear using our gear optimizer linked below, or simply use Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup.

Check the gear optimizer for more gear variants!

  • Berserker


  • Berserker


  • Berserker


  • Berserker


  • Berserker


  • Berserker


  • Berserker

    Force, Impact

  • Berserker


  • Berserker


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  • 3815
  • 1393
  • 1150
  • 2572
  • 2106
  • 900
  • 0
  • 243
  • 162
  • 0
  • 2511
  • 17422
  • 99.86%
  • 290.4%
  • 0
  • 0%
  • 16.2%
  • 0
  • Marksmanship
  • Beastmastery
  • Soulbeast
Situational Traits
Can be useful if the blast and team Might is more advantageous than the self Might from Hunter's Gaze.
Take this instead of Natural Healing if you need to help provide Weakness for your Weaver.
Take this instead of Natural Healing if you are running Greatsword for cooldown reduction and more damage.
On short T4 fights you can precast One Wolf Pack with Leader of the Pack for your allies then swap traits right before you get in combat.
For longer encounters, more Might generation.
Situational Skills
A replacement for Frost Trap. For more info on when to run this read the CM-Guides!
Allows all boons that are applied during its uptime to last longer, great for prestacking.
A source of Quickness and Superspeed that allows you to perform skips in combination with Endless Choya Piñata Tonic.
A team source of Stability, can be taken in T4s such as Chaos.
Can be used before Mistlock Singularity precast for and swapped with a usual utility for some extra opener DPS.
Area condi cleanse, also for allies if you play Leader of the Pack. Very handy for Mai Trin and Artsariiv.
Area condi cleanse, taken if you are playing Oppressive Superiority or your party needs a long lasting condi cleanse.
Rock Gazelle - Best CC pet for small hitboxes, also this is the pet you use in Beastmode.
Smokescale - Provides a 5 second smoke combo field to stack Stealth.
Red Moa - Higher DPS pet to use in Beastmode if the CC from Rock Gazelle isn't needed.
Further information
Skirmishing and Fractals

Running Skirmishing in fractals is quite a niche choice, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • You can be sure that you can flank the boss permanently.
  • You want to replace a Berserker by providing your team with Spotter so they can crit cap.
  • You are running a double Soulbeast comp and need Quick Draw to reduce your Whirling Defense cooldown.

If you meet these requirements then you can swap Marksmanship for Skirmishing with the following trait setup:

  • Skirmishing

Trapper's Expertise is worth over Sharpened Edges if it allows you to get another Frost Trap in a phase.

Defiance Bar Damage
200 damage (F2 in Beastmode)
150 damage (Longbow 4)
150 damage (Axe 4)
150 damage (Greatsword 5)
150 damage (Greatsword 4 after a block)
33/s Chilled, 20/s Weakness (Axe 3)
Swap Weapons
  • Warhorn for Might pre-stacking.
  • Greatsword to replace Longbow on some T4 fights where cleave or sustained DPS is more important.
  • Axes, Longbows, and Greatswords with slaying sigils (see Cheat Sheet and CM Guides).

The main idea of Soulbeast (as with all classes) is to ensure you get as much damage into the Exposed buff. As your largest damage skill you want to ensure that Whirling Defense under the effects of "Sic 'Em!" is your first priority when you see Exposed on the boss.

Also as Soulbeast you have quite a few ticking damage over time AoEs, such as Barrage and Frost Trap (as well as Firestorm if you have Conjure Fiery Greatsword from your Weaver). You want to precast these AoEs where possible when you know that the boss is about to be Exposed.

In PuGs, however, it is quite hard to predict when the boss will be CC'd as well as phases can last a lot longer than expected, because of this the golem rotation is listed in the next section so that you can resort back to it if you end up in a longer phase.

Weapon Variations:

For your First weapon set you have a choice of 3 weapons:

  • Longbow is a default pick for fractal Soulbeast as it has a higher burst potential through the ability to precast Barrage which is high damage ticking AoE, however, you will end up with lower damage if your phases are too long since its auto attacks are very weak. Longbow synergizes well with Superior Sigil of Severance which you can proc for a nice damage bonus.
  • Greatsword on the other hand offers great sustained DPS. You need to be smart about utilizing the
    Icon Attackofopportunity
    Attack of Opportunity
    effect that you gain from Maul. Finally, you also have Counterattack which is a handy block in certain scenarios. It also allows you to move quickly around in fractals thanks to Swoop. Greatsword is generally worth taking if your phases end during the downtime of the Longbow rotation (e.g. stuck auto-attacking) and you don't have time for another Longbow burst.
  • Warhorn is your final option and can be taken if your phases are short enough to not need to swap back after Sword/Axe AND you will not be able to cast another Barrage during the fight. "

For your second weapon set you always want Axe off-hand, but main hand you have a choice of 3 weapons again:

  • You should mostly run a main-hand sword as it offers higher burst potential than dagger in all situations. It also offers nice movement skills: Monarch's Leap and Hornet Sting.
  • You may take a main-hand axe (to fill with Winter's Bite) for certain encounters, such as midburn Artsariiv, where you almost never auto attack with your dual wielding weapons set.
  • Dagger, although its lower DPS than Sword in fractals can be taken and also has Instinctive Engage which is a nice source of Quickness.
  • For pets you simply run Rock Gazelle if you need CC or Red Moa if you don't. It is safer to just run Gazelle most of the time and only swap to Moa when you are sure you don't need the CC. You never know when a little CC can come in handy!
  • You want to have Smokescale on swap to have quick access if you need stealth for skips at any point.
Utility Skills:
  • You should never swap out Frost Spirit or One Wolf Pack as they are both massive damage buffs both personally and for the team!
  • You want to always run "Sic 'Em!" as it grants you a 25% damage bonus for its duration. One thing to keep in mind is that it only grants you a 25% damage bonus against the foe you use it on, so if you are cleaving trash mobs it might not be worth using. Secondly, you only get the buff if you are in Beastmode so also don't activate it if you are unmerged.

  • Your final utility varies depending on the situation. Generally, you want to run either Frost Trap or Signet of the Wild since they are your most damaging utilities

    • Frost Trap is generally taken as it increases your burst damage a substantial amount.
    • Signet of the Wild is taken on fights with longer phases where your Frost Trap comes off cooldown but you don't have enough time for another burst.
    • Moa Stance is another common final utility used to extend boons in your party allowing very offensive comps to be run.
  • Most healing skills on ranger are quite useful: "We Heal As One!" is a large heal and extends the boons on yourself thanks to Beastmode. Secondly Bear Stance is a great condi cleanse either personally or for your team. Finally Troll Unguent is a ticking heal that can be useful for pushing orbs at Arkk to enter the damage field.

Extra Notes:
  • Essence of Speed in combination with Live Fast means that using Worldly Impact extends your boons, this can be helpful in Ensolyss split phases to maintain boons on yourself. The healing skill "We Heal As One!" also allows you to extend boons on yourself.
  • Quickening Zephyr in combination with the Endless Choya Piñata Tonic allows you to move extremely fast and is useful for a few skips. Check the [Fractal Guides](/fractals) for specific skips.
Rotation / Skill usage

Golem rotations from raid builds are generally suboptimal in fractals due to Exposed and phases being much shorter compared to raids. The raid rotations are optimized for sustained DPS while in fractals a player needs the ability to adapt a rotation to the amount of time a group needs to finish a phase.\ For that reason you can find a video below with openers for each of the CM bosses:

Soulbeast openers
by Stellan [dT], edited by Vince [dT]
Golem Rotation
by Ares [EoE]

Note: The golem benchmark uses a different build setup to the ones above due to its use in raids. Check the description of the benchmark for a link to the build used.

Golem Rotation
  1. Barrage
  2. "Sic 'Em!" during the cast of Barrage
  3. One Wolf Pack
  4. Point-Blank Shot
  5. Frost Trap
  6. Worldly Impact
  7. Frenzied Attack
  8. Rapid Fire
  9. Weapon Swap
  10. Path of Scars
  11. Whirling Defense
  12. Autoattack chain x5
  13. Path of Scars
  14. Weapon Swap
  15. Rapid Fire
  16. Long Range Shot `Auto Attack x6`
  17. Point-Blank Shot
  18. Barrage
  19. "Sic 'Em!" during the cast of Barrage
  20. Repeat from Step 5


If you have a Mistlock Singularity present you can use this rotation:

  1. If a fire field isn’t present, equip an offhand torch and use Bonfire.
  2. Moa Stance with Leader of the Pack.
  3. Optional Use Sharpening Stone then change back the utility that it was in place of.
  4. Call of the Wild to blast might.
  5. "We Heal As One!" to extend your boons.
  6. Pick up Conjure Fiery Greatsword if there is one.
  7. One Wolf Pack then take the _Mistlock Singularity_ and trigger the boss.

If you don't have Mistlock Singularity present you can use this simplified rotation:

  1. If a fire field isn’t present, equip an offhand torch and use Bonfire.
  2. Call of the Wild to blast might.
  3. "We Heal As One!" to extend your boons.
  4. Pick up Conjure Fiery Greatsword if there is one.
Skill priority
Frost Trap7001
Hunter's Call5282
Worldly Impact3373
Path of Scars3201
Whirling Defense3176
Frenzied Attack3134
Winter's Bite2679
Point-Blank Shot2497
Rapid Fire2220
Hilt Bash + Maul2029

Many thanks to Elu [SC] for this table: iDPS Chart.

Underwater Guide
  • Berserker

    Force, Serpentslaying

  • Berserker

    Force, Serpentslaying

  • Beastmastery

Your other traitlines remain the same as on land. The reason for swapping traits here is to provide a 10% damage increase and cooldown reduction on spear skills.

Underwater Rotation

For a DPS rotation the same rules apply as above land, try to fit lots of damage into "Sic 'Em!" and One Wolf Pack. You want to start on Harpoon gun and use Feeding Frenzy (Harpoon Gun 3) and Mercy Shot (Harpoon Gun 4) to precast damage into "Sic 'Em!". Outside of that precasting, you want to camp Spear since Man O' War (Spear 5), Swirling Strike (Spear 2), as well as your auto-attack chain deal good damage. You should swap back to Harpoon gun at the start of the split-phase of the Jellyfish Beast to range the split adds as well as allowing you to restart your rotation when the split-phase ends.

Bonus Tips:
  • If you know that a blockable attack is coming then be sure to use Counterstrike (Skill 4) since you can proc Twice as Vicious for a nice 10% damage bonus.
  • At the end of a phase you can use Feeding Frenzy (Harpoon 3) and Mercy Shot (Harpoon 4) again.
Tiger - Brings DPS as well as group Fury generation. During DPS downtime (the split phase of the Jellyfish Beast) you want to unmerge and use Furious Pounce to help your teams Fury uptime.
Lashtail Devourer - Brings DPS while also allowing you to proc Twice as Vicious. You can bring this pet if your group can upkeep Fury without you.
Shark - Used only for mobility. Charging Bite is a great for moving between fractal sections quickly, just remember to swap back to a DPS pet before getting into combat!