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  • April 21, 2024
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updated for the 4/16/2024 patch

Template Code
  • Power Damage
Synergy very high
DPS very high
Independence average
Acquiring basicsaverage
Achieving masterydifficult
The Power Soulbeast is a DPS build offering:
  • Very high burst damage thanks to
  • Strong party buffs with
    and other stances.
  • High crowd control (CC) with
  • Strong reflect capabilities with
    , which comes in handy on several encounters (e.g. Artsariiv).
The build is rather self-sufficient due to:
  • Personal Quickness from
  • Boon extension from
  • Easy access to condition cleanse with
This build benefits from slaying potions and slaying sigils such as
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker

  • Berserker
  • Berserker

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Skirmishing
  • Beastmastery
  • Soulbeast
Situational Traits
Taken instead of
when you are running Greatsword or underwater Spear for improved weapon skill cooldowns and damage.
Taken instead of
on fights where
can be casted at the start of each phase (e.g. Ensolyss).
Taken instead of
if you need to help provide Weakness for your Weaver or want to minmax damage from
Can be taken instead of
if boons are not a problem and you are playing Sword for a very slight DPS increase.
Can be taken instead of
when you need extra Crippled as slow CC.
Defiance Bar Damage
SkillDefiance Damage
(F2 with Pig)
300 Knockdown + Leap Finisher
(F2 with Rock Gazelle)
200 Daze
(Hammer 3)
100 Daze + follow-up 125 Daze
(Hammer 5)
200 Knockdown
(Axe 4)
150 Pull
(Longbow 4)
150 Knockback
(Mace 3)
250 Stun
(Mace 5)
200 Daze
(Greatsword 5)
150 Stun
(Greatsword 4 after block)
150 Knockback
(Warhorn 5)
200 Daze
200 Daze
(Axe 3)
33/s Chilled + 20/s Weakness
(Sword 3)
50/s Immobile
(Hammer 3)
33/s Blinded
Pig is the best option for damage due to
. It also comes with
, a strong CC skill that procs both
Red Moa is a slight personal damage loss compared to Pig, but brings Vulnerability with
, which also deals good damage and procs
Rock Gazelle provides substantial CC on a low cooldown with
as well as a little Vulnerability from
Smokescale gives access to a 5 second smoke field with
to stack Stealth.
Any Drake gives access to an additional blast finisher with
Hyena provides high mobility with
Weapon Sets
Weapon Set 1
  • Hammer is the standard weapon choice for most encounters except a few cases in very fast kills. It brings very strong damage skills with optional CC and Boon strip. You can still precast
    with Longbow before the start of a fight for extra burst.
    Standard Hammer Skills:
    • If you need some extra CC, swap Hammer 5 to
      . This is particularly useful on Artsarriv and MAMA.
    • If you do not need the CC or
      proc, swap Hammer 3 to
      . It also strips 2 boons.
  • Longbow is taken on encounters where phase timings allow you to precast
    into the phase and there is enough time to swap back to your Longbow and reset your burst outside of active phases. If you find yourself stuck on Longbow at points in a fight where you need damage, there is probably a better option.
  • Mace/Mace is a less bursty alternative to Hammer. It requires making good use of the cooldown reset and medium damage buff granted by Force of Nature. This can make it difficult to be flexible and adapt to situations when playing Maces.
  • Greatsword is an alternative to Hammer for players who do not have access to Secrets of the Obscure or want access to an evade with
    and a block with
    . It requires pairing the extra Attack of Opportunity damage after
    with strong single hit skills.
  • Axe/Warhorn is another more niche alternative to Hammer on some encounters. It is typically paired with Sword/Axe as the other weapon set.
Weapon Set 2
  • Axe/Axe is the recommended choice as an Axe weapon set. Mainhand Axe provides strong skills with ranged capabilities and does not have animation locks.
  • Sword/Axe is an alternative that comes with stronger auto attacks, temporary 120 Power from
    , extra mobility, and access to an evade with
    . This comes at the cost of weaker skills, melee range and animation locks. It is not recommended to play mainhand Sword in low gravity.
Note: What weapon variations you use heavily depends upon the encounter, fight duration and group you are playing with. Optimally there is no single weapon choice that fits all scenarios, so take into acount the possible variables, or play the weapons that you enjoy using.
Additional Gear Options
  • for fights where you can cast
    at the start of every phase (e.g. Skorvald).
  • Warhorn for Might pre-stacking.
    can be slotted as sigil.
  • Weapons with specific slaying sigils like
    . See the Cheat Sheet and Power Soulbeast CM Guide.
  • Weapons with
    for certain encounters in fast groups (e.g. Artsariiv). Check the Power Soulbeast CM Guide for more information.
Situational Skills
Your standard 3rd utility, acting as a passive damage increase by granting increased Ferocity.
All boons that are applied during its uptime last longer. Great for prestacking. Can also be run in fight with
to allow other players to run more offensive builds (e.g. on Ensolyss).
A personal condition cleanse, also for allies when playing
. Very handy in Captain Mai Trin, Artsariiv, and during any fractal with Mistlock Instability: Afflicted.
A party-wide condition cleanse and a water field. An alternative to
when playing
or when the party benefits from the water field. The same situations as described for
apply here.
A source of Stability, party-wide with
. Can be taken during Mistlock Instability: Social Awkwardness days and in T4s such as Chaos.
An additonal source of CC and Vulnerability. Also deals a decent amount of damage.
A source of party-wide Aegis. Can allow your group to ignore specific attacks on several encounters (e.g. MAMA, Artsariiv).
A source of party-wide Resistance. Can be used during prestacking to counter Fear, Weakness and Blinded.
A source of short Superspeed that allows you to perform skips in combination with
A source of Quickness and longer Superspeed that allows you to perform skips in combination with
A 100% incoming damage reduction. Can be used to perform the skip for the left path in Deepstone.
Power Soulbeast focuses on fitting damage into the 10 second burst window of
. Besides that it tries to ensure high uptime on several modifiers:
  • is gained for 10 seconds after using any hard CC skill. See the defiance bar damage table above.
  • is gained for 6 seconds after hitting a weapon skill with 20+ seconds cooldown. See the list below.
  • is active while you are above 90% health.
You want to always be in
when dealing damage. A lot of attributes and modifiers are tied to it. Besides manually using
, you will get kicked out of
when your Rigorous Certainty (cheat death) granted by a Mistlock Singularity activates.
For your
burst make sure you are in
and if possible have all of the 3 modifiers mentioned above. On top of that it is beneficial to align the burst with moments where the target takes increased damage, for example when Exposed or Stun are present on the target. Stun increases your damage dealt when playing with
. Your Skills will also deal slightly more damage when hitting on a weapon set with Axe or Sword due to
Several of your skills may interrupt the previous skill cast or can be interrupted by most other skills. Timing these casts correctly is of interest for good Power Soulbeast gameplay. See the lists of interrupts and channels below. Since it is an instant cast skill,
can be used during the cast of other skills.
High Priority Damage Skills
≥ 290%
≥ 203%
(Hammer 4)
≥ 200%
(Axe 4)
(Hammer 2)
≥ 156%
(Pig F1)
(Axe 2)
(Axe 3)
(Longbow 5)
≥ 118%
(Sword 3)
(Moa F2)
(Sword 2)
(Axe 5)
≈ 100%
Relic of Fireworks Skills
  • (Pig F2)
  • (Moa F2)
  • (F3)
  • /
    (Hammer 5)
  • (Axe 5)
  • (Longbow 5)
  • (Mace 5)
  • (Greatsword 5)
  • (Warhorn 5)
Interrupting Skills
  • Weapon Swap
  • (Pig F2)
  • (F3)
  • (Longbow 4)
  • (Sword 3)
  • (Greatsword 5)
Skills with Interruptible Aftercast
  • (Hammer 2)
  • (Axe 5)
  • (Warhorn 4)
Channeled Skills
  • (Axe 5) interrupted by everything
  • (Longbow 5) interrupted by everything
  • (Moa F2)
  • (Longbow 2)
  • (Mace 5)
Extra Notes
  • in combination with
    means that using
    extends your boons. The healing skill
    allows you to gain a copy of each boon on yourself while in
    . Both of these can help maintain boons on yourself.
  • and
    in combination with the
    allows you to move extremely fast and is useful for a few skips. Check the Fractal Guides for specific skips. Superspeed will also override the speed decrease when carrying treasure in Siren's Reef.
Rotation / Skill Usage
Golem rotations from Raids are generally suboptimal in Fractals due to being optimized for sustained DPS. In Fractals players need to adapt their rotation to the amount of time a group needs to finish a phase or specific burst windows like Exposed.
Hammer Opener
  1. (Longbow 5)
  2. Swap to Hammer
  3. (Hammer 3), then stow or cancel
  4. during the cast of
  5. (Hammer 4)
  6. (Hammer 2)
  7. Weapon Swap
  8. Continue with Axe or Sword burst
  • Try to stow or interrupt
    after the first hit.
  • If you do not precast
    or use
    for CC, you will want to use
    after the first hit of
    to proc
Longbow Opener
  1. (Longbow 5)
  2. during the cast of
  3. (Longbow 4)
  4. Weapon Swap
  5. Continue with Axe or Sword burst
Axe Burst
  1. (Axe 4)
  2. (Axe 2)
  3. (Axe 3)
  4. (Axe 5)
  5. (Axe 5)
  6. (Axe 2)
Sword Burst
  1. (Axe 4)
  2. (Sword 2)
  3. (Sword 3)
  4. (Axe 5)
  5. (Axe 5)
  6. (Sword 2)
If you have a Mistlock Singularity present you can:
  1. Preplace
    if you can place traps before spawning the boss
  2. if no fire field is present
  3. when playing
  4. to blast Might
  5. to extend your boons
  6. then take the Mistlock Singularity and engage the boss
If you do not have Mistlock Singularity present:
  1. if no fire field is present
  2. to blast Might
  3. to extend your boons
Underwater Guide
  • Beastmastery
Your other train lines remain the same as on land. The reason for swapping traits here is to provide a 10% damage increase and cooldown reduction on Spear skills.
Underwater Rotation
For a DPS rotation the same rules apply as on land: try to fit lots of damage into
and try to line up your burst with your modifiers and Exposed if possible.
Start on Harpoon Gun and use
(Harpoon Gun 3) and
(Harpoon Gun 4) to precast damage into
(Devourer F1) to proc
for every
(F3) is your only other source of
underwater. An alternative is to swap to
, but do not forget to swap back later!
During damage phases camp Spear since
(Spear 5),
(Spear 2), as well as your auto-attack chain deal good damage. You can swap back to Harpoon gun at the start of split-phases to range adds as well as allow you to repeat your opening burst when the split-phase ends.
Bonus Tips
  • If you know a blockable attack is coming use
    (Spear 4) for damage and an additional
  • At the end of a phase you can use
    (Harpoon Gun 3) and
    (Harpoon Gun 4) again.
  • You can use
    to quickly reach or come back from the adds during the Jellyfish fight of Aquatic Ruins.
  • Berserker

  • Berserker

If you need to swap a skill, the same applies as on land: swap
first then
Lashtail Devourer is the best for damage and allows to proc
Shark is great for mobility with
. Just swap back to a DPS pet before getting in combat!