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  • April 19, 2024
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updated for the 4/16/2024 patch

Template Code
  • Alacrity: 100% - party
  • Might: 25 stacks - party
  • Protection: 100% - party
  • Regeneration: 100% - party
  • Fury: 100% - if taking Dessicate - party
  • Swiftness: 60% - on demand if taking Trail of Anguish - party
  • Stability: 60% - on demand if taking Trail of Anguish - party
  • Aegis: 50% - on demand if taking Serpent Siphon - party
  • Hybrid
Synergy average
DPS low
Independence average
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masteryaverage
The Celestial Alacrity Scourge is an easy build to learn and provides excellent support in the form of barrier, Might, Vulnerability and crowd control.
This build works for several reasons:
  • Most of its support comes through barrier and not actual healing, this means that it does not really benefit from outgoing healing modifiers, allowing for more offensive choices compared to the traditional Heal Scourge builds.
  • Barrier application bypasses healing debuffs like Poisoned and Agony, allowing you to effectively "heal" through Mistlock Instability: Toxic Trail, Mistlock Instability: Flux Bomb and other mechanics that apply one, both or other similar effects.
  • Except for
    all your shade skills are instant casts, low cooldown and can be spammed on cooldown through the Life Force generation from
  • It has ridiculous amounts of condition cleanses, effectively nullifying the damage pressure of mechanics like Mistlock Instability: Afflicted or the Imbued Shaman from Volcanic Fractal.
  • It has both built-in and acess to high amounts of hard and soft CC.
  • Even though it can only give Fury through
    , most quickness and DPS builds give themselves or the group permanent or high uptimes, allowing you to take other support or offensive utilities.
The build is not locked to any utility skill, you should pick and choose depending on what your party may need. For example, you may swap out
if you don't have to cover fury,
if you don't need the Stability and
if you can't make use of the Aegis.
  • Celestial
  • Celestial
  • Celestial
  • Celestial
  • Celestial
  • Celestial
  • Celestial
  • Celestial
  • Empty
  • Celestial

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Blood Magic
  • Soul Reaping
  • Scourge
Situational Traits
Taken for a bit more party damage if the healing from
is not needed.
Taken for more personal damage if the Life Force from
is not needed.
Taken for more personal damage if the Protection, boon corruption and barrier generation from
is not needed.
Defiance Bar Damage
200 damage with Knockdown
200 damage with Fear
100 damage with Stun
300 damage with Daze and Fear
600/800/1000 damage with Knockdown depending on the size of the hitbox
150-750 damage with Pull (see situational skills)
Situational Skills
Your highest dps option.
A minor dps gain and Life Force generation utility.
A useful 1200 range 5 target Pull that provides an extra 15% Life Force per hit and 150 defiance bar damage per hit, up to five times if you cast it inside a mob with other enemies outside.
Can be taken if you don't need the CC from
A strong boon corrupt which can be used to boon rip on days with Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain.
A useful skill for mitigating projectiles.
A 1200 range teleport skill that can also work as a projectile blocker for fights like Old Tom in the Uncategorized fractal.
A secondary teleport skill that allows one to solo the turret room in the Thaumanova fractal. Also great for consuming conditions on consoles in the Aetherblade fractal.
A useful skill that allows you to double up on blinks.
Only use this skill in organised groups at the dark Phase of theSunqua Peak Challenge Mode. Copying all slow CC conditions like Immobile and Slow onto the Sorrows, which requires certain classes like a Specter to become an alternative of Spectral Grasp .
General Information
Shade Skills
In order to utilize shade-skills you either place a shade onto your target or stay within 180 range yourself.
  • Maintain at least 1 shade at all times.
  • Using your shade skills will add additional applications of Torment and Vulnerability (from
  • The standard setup will allow you to spam all shade skills on cooldown.
  • will convert one condition on allies to a boon.
  • will grant allies barrier, 2 stacks of Might and Alacrity from
  • will apply 2 seconds of Fear, heal, teleport to you and partially revive downed allies through
  • will pulse 4 times barrier, 2 stacks of Might, Protection, Alacrity and heal allies through
  • can be used to target the Anomalies in the Shattered Observatory fractal or Sorrows in the Sunqua Peak fractal. A Scourge counts as a shade activator itself and will also hit any targets within the range of your shade abilities.
  • Additionally shade effects do not stack, they only expand the area in which they get applied.
This build does not have an actual rotation or a skill priority, most of your skills will be used on cooldown unless you need to delay them to deal with mechanics, your shade skills are instant casts and your utilities are going to be changed and used whenever necessary.
  1. (ideally precasted)
  2. +
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Precast (at Singularity)