Thaumanova Reactor

T4 Fractal

Current Record 2:43by Discretize [dT]
  • Level 84 122 AR
  • Level 97 145 AR
Cycle Day


Activate the Detonator and wait for the Mesmer to open a portal (in this case, stack Might in the vestibule) or walk up to the Elite Flame Legion Fire Shaman. Kill him, /gg to reset your cooldowns and split up to disable the four colliders.

Lay down a , cast with , teleport up to the central area and open the portal.

The Elite Flame Legion Fire Shaman

Golems patrol in the turret room

Turret room South

This should be done by two support classes (usually the Warrior and the Druid). Learn the timing of the turret shots and jump or dodge over them. You can also take a Safety Shield from the beginning and use it to block shots for a short duration.

One person activates the console to the left 1 to grant the other person short access to the console at the right 2.

Activating 2 enables short access to the two final consoles at 3. You can bypass the Immobile from triggering them by standing exactly in the middle and pressing both buttons at the same time.

Researcher Dormitories East

Both DPS should do this area immediately after the Elite Flame Legion Fire Shaman. Remember to destroy the Unstable Portals as well. Finishing this event in time will grant you a 10% damage boost for the endboss.

Stack Might before the door opens and use against the walls.

The Researcher Dormitories

The Superheated Room

Superheated Room West

This is usually solo'ed by the Mesmer using , , , dodge jumps and heals from and but other classes can do it as well.

Weaver also has an easy way of doing this. Take , and .

Search YouTube for class-specific guides.

Ooze Room: Subject 6 Northwest

Gather at Subject 6 after finishing the other three colliders. During the fight, small and large (at 75%/50/25% health) Oozes will spawn and move toward it slowly, restoring its health when they reach it. Subject 6 also has a easily distinguishable Shield Form, hitting him then will give him stacks of Overload. Reaching 20 stacks results in a party wipe.

There are two main tactics for killing it:

Option 1 (easy): Everyone goes AFK until Subject 6 blocks for the first time. After the blocking is over, nuke him without killing any Oozes.
Requires high damage and you may have to wait a while as the blocking occurs at random times.

Option 2 (coordinated): The team nukes from the beginning ignoring the Oozes, but refrains from using crowd control effects and breaking his defiance bar. If Subject 6 starts blocking, immediately break the defiance bar using unblockable CC skills to bypass the Overload mechanic.

Subject 6 in block mode

Equip to make your CC skills unblockable.

Share with 5 allies to deal 750 unblockable defiance bar damage.

Thaumanova Anomaly

After all four colliders are disabled, use /gg to reset any cooldowns and resurrect directly at the Thaumanova Anomaly console. Activate it to teleport up and stack Might.
During the fight, try to stack as much as possible on one or two adjacent platforms but don't die from Social Awkwardness (present on both difficulties).

Alternate the special Hex Shield skill between players for her Gaze attack (the beam dissolving the platforms) and the Cosmic Instability debuff (occuring after 50% health). The Flux Bomb debuff will also cause nearby platforms to disappear.

You can freely cast Hex Shield during for an extra safe spot.

The Thaumanova Anomaly