T4 Fractal

Current Record 3:16by Happens [hP]
  • Level 79 113 AR
  • Level 91 134 AR
Cycle Day


Option 1 (recommended): The whole party stacks Stealth and skips together until the holding area. If a single Harpy spawned immediately at the begin, you can kill it before stealthing.

Option 2: The Mesmer (or anyone with a ) skips alone and teleports the team to the holding area.

Holding Area

Stack Might before destroying the Power Generator, then kill the Rabbit, the Bandit Saboteur, the Flame Legion Fire Shaman and finally the Ettin. Try to keep all mobs together on the Flame Legion Fire Shaman to maximize cleave damage, but do not get caught in the Ettin's Massive Smash attack. Reflects are strong here as well, especially against the Fire Shaman's projectiles.

If positioned correctly, you can against the wall.

You can give easy party Stealth with and at the cost of a elite skill slot.

Use the smoke field from or or simply cast to stack Stealth.
is also useful against the Holding Area bosses.

Use from your Smokescale pet to stack Stealth.

Harpies protect their jumping puzzle

Pulsing Orbs

Walk past the three Harpies (no Stealth needed) and run up the ramp towards Old Tom. You can dodge through or reflect the pulsing orbs and even skip the last part by walking on the left wall.

The ramp up

Old Tom

Stack Might before Old Tom and simply nuke him down. Be careful with Agony and try to let Pets and Illusions soak the green projectiles when his defiance bar is not broken.

Old Tom

Pro tip: Immediately after the holding area, use and up to the upper level from below. Take this shortcut to the Raving Asura and place a portal before jumping down and killing Old Tom. Open the portal afterwards and don't forget to trigger the "Reach the top" checkpoint to prevent the fractal from bugging.
Actually, anyone can do this and trigger the checkpoint.

A traited with almost nullifies the Poison from the green projectiles, it also helps against Afflicted.

You can use to bypass the jumping puzzle.
Other skills that work are , or but those require some aiming.

Raving Asura

If noone did a portal to above, stack Stealth before the Harpies and jump to the top. As soon as someone reaches the top level, you can safely use /gg and resurrect at the checkpoint there. Use reflects against the Lightning Bolts from the Raving Asura (or let others soak them) and kill the four golems to finish the fractal.

Note that the golems are resistent to pulls since a recent patch.

The Raving Asura and his entourage