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Twilight Oasis

T4 Fractal
  • February 1, 2022
Current Record 6 min 50 sec by Discretize [dT]
  • Level 87 127 AR
Cycle Night
Start: Run!
Let your Renegade skip the first part or use Stealth to skip past the initial Sunspears (as well as any further groups of Sunspears) and head to the first of the Sandbinders. If the instabilities are harder to deal with, a party may decide to take the time to kill the adds on the way, however, this will take a long time.
Use Boons like Swiftness, Superspeed and
help to quickly skip to the first Sand Binder.
from your Smokescale pet to stack Stealth.
It is worth to run
for the whole fractal for more Might, since you can't really stack anywhere.
Use the smoke field from
or simply cast
to stack Stealth.
Portal skipClick to play!
You can skip this first part with
Starting area
Starting area

First Sandbinder
Treat each Sandbinder like any immobile boss and attack accordingly. Keep in mind that Pull abilities will cancel any attack currently executing. Try to avoid the Tornadoes as they take control of your character and also Blinded. Aegis is not helpful here as the Tornadoes quickly remove it.
After you killed the Sandbinder you can use /gg to reset the
and Berserker's cooldowns for the Amala fight.

Entry to Amala's arena
Entry to Amala's arena
Priestess Amala (Basic)
Next up you will encounter Priestess Amala for the first time, bring her to 75% health and she wipes your party to praise Joko.
She uses the Scythe Slash attack (causes Knockback) and a basic version of her 9-part attack chain applying Bleeding with each AoE.
You can freely use /gg after the roleplay starts to reset cooldowns. Note that you will not be able to move your character until Joko resurrects Amala or your character is female (human female is meta afterall).

"Storm the Rooftops!"
Now that you're awakened, you gain access to a new special action skill which launches you high into the air and breaks Stun. It doesn't have a cooldown out of combat so do not get in fight during skips if possible.
It can also be used to jump while casting any skill that requires you to stand still otherwise, as long as you do not move in any direction (
and similar skills).
Jump up to the roof on the right-hand side and kill two Sandbinders on the roofs. The first is a copy of the Sandbinder you fought at the beginning, the second one also uses Dwayna's Lightning Storm (strafe sideways from allies to avoid it).
It is also possible to skip the tornado between the two Sandbinder using this portal skip shown below.
Please note that you can't /gg after any Sandbinder, because you spawn behind the ideal checkpoints.
Slower skip (any class)Click to play!
Faster skip (any class)Click to play!
The first Sandbinder on the roof
The first Sandbinder on the roof
The second Sandbinder
The second Sandbinder

Priestess Amala
Bring boon strips because she is reapplying Protection on herself every few seconds
Stack Might and be ready to dodge the initial Knockback after activating the encounter.
Permanent Mechanics
BreakbarsA breakbar will occur at 85, 65, 45, 25 and 5% health. Amala will cancel any ability and teleport to the middle, break her bar or she deals high damage to the team and recovers health.
Scythe SlashA small AoE centered around Amala that will Knockback players hit by it.
Scythe Combo (below 85% health)A 9-part attack chain dealing AoE in a fixed pattern, depending on the current god incorporation.
Energy Wave (below 85% health)This attack is telegraphed by a small AoE on the ground, which then erupts into a large shockwave after 2.5 seconds. This can be avoided by either dodging, blocking or using SAK.
Praise Joko!
Praise Joko!
Lyssa 100%-85%
First off, figure out which out of all the clones is the real Amala and ping her for the other players.There are a few tells to help you:
  • Amala herself is the only Legendary rank enemy, other clones are above level 80
  • She uses Scythe Slash when someone is in melee range
  • When she uses her Moa Signet, the
    icon will appear above her
The player targeted by the Moa Signet should use the special action key the moment it completes to prevent others from being transformed.
When Amala drops below 95% health she will begin teleporting around, making new clones whenever she does so. Using the change target key (usually TAB) will automatically target her if she is in your line of sight. Try to step around the purple portals on the ground so you avoid being teleported up in the air.
Break Amala's defiance bar to continue to the next phase.
Priestess of Lyssa
Amala turns invulnerable and leaves a Priestess of Lyssa behind who uses the same purple portals and Moa signet. Burst her down quickly to avoid taking high enrage damage from her clones.
Melandru 85%-65%
The biggest danger of this phase is the Earth Elemental, which has a multitude of control effects it applies in AoEs. While killing it is possible this is hardly an effective option, so you can either get the player it fixates on to run off the party stack, or use blocks and evades as necessary to avoid its attacks. Be aware that its Boulder Throw projectile can be reflected.
In this phase, Amala's Scythe Combo AoEs apply a small Knockback, but many of them can be avoided by stacking directly on her. Make sure to dodge the Eruption (delayed AoE appearing below random players) and ring-shaped attacks, as they Knockdown as well.
Amala invoking the human gods
Amala invoking the human gods
Priestess of Melandru
This priestess will cast a rectangular AoE between herself and Amala, avoid running over them so they don't Knockback you away from the priestess' alcove. The priestess will also use Avatar of Melandru to gain Stability and inflict Immobile. Similar to Amala, two smaller Earth Elementals will spawn to to protect her.
Dwayna 65%-45%
Amala will periodically gain Swiftness, Aegis, Protection and Might (10x) throughout this phase, with one application every 10 seconds. Additionally, at this stage of the fight all members of the party are given the Determination buff - should you slay the Priestess of Dwayna, all party members will be revived.
In this phase, Amala's Scythe Combo AoEs apply a short Daze and a stack of Bleeding.
There are far more attacks that occur directly on top of Amala in this phase, but there is less incoming CC so they can be healed through in general. The group will still need to spread out during the Lightning Storm attack as it cannot be blocked with Aegis.
After Amala drops to 60% health, she will start summoning five tornadoes. Much like the ones summoned by the Sandbinders, they will draw your character toward their center and apply damage and Blinded to those inside of their AoE.
Priestess of Dwayna
The Priestess of Dwayna only has one attack which cannot be interrupted: a different iteration of the Lightning Strikes attack. Unlike Amala's, these strikes will land randomly, so the best way to deal with them is to remain near the edge of the alcove where you're less likely to be hit. Also be aware that when engaged the priestess gains Resolution, Protection and Regeneration.
Grenth 45%-25%
Amala will periodically gain Swiftness and Might (15x) during this phase while dealing Poisoned, Torment and Chilled with her scythe attack chain.
This is another phase that for the most part can be stacked and DPSd through, as it has very little CC involved. The biggest danger of this phase however is the Claim Soul attack, recognizable by a small orange AoE - it is unblockable and will immediately send you into downed state.
At 40% health, Amala summons an arrangement of Spectral Walls that box you into the middle. Touching these walls will Fear you away from Amala.
Priestess of Grenth
The next priestess applies Bleeding, Crippled, Poisoned, Torment and Chilled but shouldn't be a problem to kill.
Balthazar 25%-5%
During this phase, Amala will periodically receive Protection, Swiftness and Might (10x).
While for the most part Amala's attacks can be healed through this phase, some of her attacks are devastating as they have large telegraphs like Meteor Strike and Wings of Rage. As such, try to reposition out of AoEs as necessary.
Do not try to tank her Fire Arrows (telegraphed by a circle AoE on top of her with arrows pointing out) as this does extreme damage if you're hit by each subsequent arrow AoE.
Priestess of Balthazar
This priestess doesn't do much outside of calling down small meteors which Stun and apply Burning and Weakness on impact. Her life is tied to the four Veteran Sunspear Warriors that flank her, control those with CC and kill them to eliminate the priestess.
"Perish With Me Traitors!" 5%-0%
For the final 5% health, Amala will continue to use all of the attacks from the Balthazar phase with additional small meteors striking the surrounding area. Finish her off to complete the fractal.