Underground Facility

T4 Fractal

Current Record 3:52by Quantify [qT],
  • Level 81 117 AR
Cycle Night

Start: Locked Gates

There are two ways to do this. For the faster way you require . The normal way takes much longer but needs nothing.

Fast way

Guardian skip

Guardian skip 2

Warrior skip

Revenant skip

Thief skip

Normal way (slower)
PreparationThe best way - as usual - is to stack
on the platform before jumping down and not killing a single mob. Clarify this before running ahead and assign people for the roles below.
Standing on the first pressure plate grants access to the second pressure plate, the second pressure plate grants access to the console room and the two pressure plates in the console room grant access to the console locker. A player needs about 20 seconds to activate the final console without interruption.
The First Pressure PlateThe best option is to let the most 'useless' class walk up with a little head start (usually the Warrior).
The rest of the party should keep
up and run through the open gate below immediately.
The Second Pressure PlateThis is usually done by an Elementalist who teleports up from below while the others keep up
Other option is Thief who can even come back easily for the console room using
Activating the second pressure plate permanently opens the first door.
The Console RoomTwo people without special abilities should step on the two pressure plates to open the console locker. They are also responsible for keeping aggro from the opener, especially the spawning Veteran Dredge next to the locker.
Now for the actual console, and other
sources are very strong. It should be activated by someone who's able to block the
from the locker closing, so the other two people can step off the pressure plates and protect the opener from the spawning mobs. The opener should indicate the step off in chat to time it with block skills.
The whole party can do /gg after the console is done, but it is not necessary.


when activating the console.

block the console

Use the smoke field from

to stack
combined with
provide enough
to completely activate the console.


from your Smokescale pet to stack

The starting area
The console locker

Rifles or Bombs path Random

After resurrecting, skip the mobs with

and the guns or nine bombs to destroy the gate.

On the rifles path you lose all your endurance and therefore you are unable to dodge. Walk to the gate with an equipped rifle and avoid the orange AoEs on the ramp. If you get hit by an AoE the rifle is no longer usable and you have to pick up a new one. Use the rifle skill 1 to damage the gate. Note that using a portal with a new rifle causes it to become unusable. Only use a portal to get back from the gate.

On the bombs path, be sure to take the Concealing Dust at the begin and at the end to permanently keep

up on yourself. Same applies if you gain aggro of any mob, just walk into a

You can use portals and blinks/teleports with bombs

The gun path


for immediate

Champion Rabsovich

When you destroy the door, you will reach an annoying boss. There's really no trick with him apart from breaking his defiance bar as often as possible. If needed, do /gg afterwards to reset your wasted cooldowns.

Skip here by one of the classes below:

Guarian skip to last boss, same for Ranger and Warrior

Thief skip to last boss

Dredge Powersuit or Rampaging Ice Elemental Random

If you did not skip, stack

and skip towards the Endboss together.

After loosing potential aggro of the mobs from the corridor, pull the boss to the next lava bucket, trigger it to inflict Superheated for 10x damage and nuke. Stay on the boss as long as possible before moving to the next bucket but pay attention to his Mending heal skill, which can be interrupted by simply attacking him as long as the Superheated debuff is up.

The most deadly skills here are the Bombs from the Dredge Powersuit (they spawn slightly away from him) and Shatterstone (dropping ice shards on every player) and Freeze Row from the Ice Elemental (small delayed Ice-AoEs in a V-Shape which explode after 2.75s - unblockable).

Teleport to the lava buckets from below with


The Rampaging Ice Elemental