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T4 Fractal
  • February 24, 2021
Current Record 3 min 10 secby Happens [hP]
  • Level 96 144 AR
Cycle Day
Start (Water tunnel)

You can stack Stealth before entering the water to cheat the exploding mines. Clear the group of Elite Aetherblades to open the door.

Use the smoke field from Black Powder or Smoke Screen or simply cast Shadow Refuge to stack Stealth.

Use Smoke Cloud from your Smokescale pet to stack Stealth at the beginning.

Mines in the water tunnel
Mines in the water tunnel


After the door opens, you enter a large area with two deathly laser puzzles.

The first one consists of a moving laser square pattern and can be disabled by activating four consoles inside a small room at the end of it. Pressing a console applies Immobile to you.

The second area is filled with spinning lasers. In exactly the same way as before, four consoles around the area have to be activated to disable the traps.

You don't need to kill a single mob and can bypass all traps with the following steps:

  1. One person (or more) teleports up to the first level and activates all four consoles using condition cleanses

  2. Everyone does /gg and resurrects immediately (you will spawn on the ramp up after the first console room)

  3. The team splits up to activate the second set of consoles (the spinning lasers won't be active if you're fast enough)

The moving laser pattern
The moving laser pattern
The spinning lasers
The spinning lasers

To skip this part you are going to need a little jumping, damaging the Inquest with an AoE, non targetable skill like Shackling Wave, then use Phase Traversal on it, when he came down from the ramp. Give yourself Resistance with Pain Absorption ().

Revenant skip

Teleport up to the first level with Lightning Flash and cast Ether Renewal to periodically clear Immobile while activating the four consoles. Attune to x/ for additional condition clear with Healing Rain. Revenant can help giving Resistance with Pain Absorption ().

Elementalist skip

Use Sword of Justice upon the platform, then teleport to it with Merciful Intervention. Revenant can help giving Resistance with Pain Absorption ().

Guardian skip

You can solo both the first and second room if you are fast enough. Use Shadowstep or Infiltrator's Arrow to teleport and Unhindered Combatant or Signet of Agility as condition clears. Revenant can help giving Resistance with Pain Absorption ().

Thief skip

You can Call to Anguish most mobs to group them.

Stay in Fire Attunement after the last trash group for Might stacking at Frizz.

You can use Binding Blade to group the mobs.

Breach the gate

Kill the respawning enemies to fill the progress bar and open the gate. Avoid the dazing cannon shots and switch back your skills & traits if needed.

Final room (Frizz)

Talk to Inspector Ellen Kiel to teleport your party into the final room. Stack Might as soon as you are in.

Initially, there are Frizz and two Inquest enemies to fight. As soon as Frizz reaches 75%, he teleports to the middle and becomes invulnerable.

After about five seconds, the first Aetherblade Golem wakes up and two Small Lasers start spinning. You can jump over the small lasers by utilizing the elevated boxes around.

When the first golem dies, the two Small Lasers will disappear and two more Aetherblade Golems wake up. Large Lasers start spinning which you cannot bypass without Invulnerability.

As soon as the two golems are dead, the two Small Lasers will join the two large lasers again and two final golems wake up. Kill those to finish the fight.

If a golem walks through a laser, he powers up and blocks all attacks for a short time. Pay attention to their Pull attack, though it should not be a problem with high damage.


Use Inspiring Reinforcement in for Stability against the Lasers and Small Lasers.

Drop your banners in the very center of the arena.Using Whirlwind Attack against the wall is very effective.

Run an offhand axe and use Path of Scars to pull golems closer.

Use Fiery Whirl against the golems next to a wall or box.