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T4 Fractal
  • July 1, 2022
Current Record 5 min 28 secby discretize [dT]
  • Level 84 121 AR
Cycle Day
Always start Left path with the Deepstone Sentinel (Air Elemental)
Before the Deepstone Sentinel, there is a Tetris-like obstacle you have to pass. You have to avoid the green tiles because it damages you. You can dodge and block the green tiles between the safe non glowing tiles, proceed to the end. This can be skipped by Berserker, Soulbeast, Firebrand, like in the video down below.
After two players passed, they stand on the cyan glowing runes to stop the Tetris trap so others can pass. Elementalist can use
to activate both button.
The Tetris / Green Tiles
Tetris skipClick to play!
You can use
to disable the puzzel.
Tetris skipClick to play!
Tetris skipClick to play!
Tetris skipClick to play!
Tetris skipClick to play!
After prestacking Might at the Mistlock Singularity move in and the Deepstone Sentinel spawns. The only dangerous attack it has is an AoE tornado (called Wind Sprites) that you have to dodge at every 20%. It is a well telegraphed attack so you only have to make sure you are not standing in it 1 second later. If it manages to catch you, others have to use CC to break you out of it before it floats you to the depths and kill you. There is a possibility you get caught even if you are not standing in it, use Skill 1 to break out of it (If you get caught in it and you stood in the AoE Skill 1 does nothing else than pinging on minimap, so keep that in mind).
The other three attacks are a mini tornado that applies Chilled and the AoEs that Daze, the third attack is a projectile it shoots in-between which can be reflected / absorbed. After killing the Deepstone Sentinel the crystal energy orb spawns, take it and interact with the Vibrant Crystal in the middle.
for Stability against the AoE Daze.
The Deepstone Sentinel
The Brood Queen (Spider)
On your way to the Brood Queen you will see spider nests, destroy them. On the bridge there are telegraphed wind currents that are unblockable. If you happen to get hit by one it puts you back at the start of the bridge with a huge penalty on time. Do not try to skip multiple wind currents at once to avoid getting reset to the start. To deactivate the puzzle and unblock the path to the Brood Queen you have to stand on two cyan glowing runes towards the end of the bridge.
Sometimes the npc is lagging behind a bit causing the cyan buttons to not work. If that is the case backtrack to the Mistlock Singularity which should start a dialog of the npc.
The Bridge
Kill the two elite Broodmother Spider to spawn the Brood Queen. This boss does not hit hard and most attack are telegraphed. After killing her the crystal energy ball comes down. Take it and you get spawned back in the middle. Take the ball to the Vibrant crystal in the end of the hall.
to remove Protection with
from the boss. If you have a
on your set of swords or on your staff, you can use
to remove the Protection.
The Brood Queen

On the way to The Voices
Shadow Minotaur, Middle Room
After merging the second orb with the Vibrant Crystal, you get a Special Action Key skill called Light of Deldrimor. This skill is used to reveal hidden chest in the dungeon as well as making the mobs 10% more vulnerable and it also serves as revealing the Shadow Minotaur in the central chamber. After killing the Shadow Minotaur and the Imps the door in the middle chamber opens. Go in and move on to the next obstacle, the Maze.
Make sure to bring Stability to negate the Shadow Minotaurs frequent Knockbacks.
Renegade can give Alacrity to reduce the cooldown of Light of Deldrimor. Especially helpful at the Maze part.
to move faster to to the maze and thus activate it faster.
The Middle Room
The Maze
The Maze
Here you have to use the Light of Deldrimor to reveal the hidden tiles of the maze. Move to the right and the first orb of light is revealed for you. From there you proceed on to the next orb of light to your left or the bottom left on the minimap. After revealing all four orbs the maze's tiles reveal themselves and you can move on to the "elevator".
Maze skip for Ranger, Warrior, Guardian, Elementalist and RevenantClick to play!
Elevator (Sinking platform)
After standing on the rune in the middle of the platform it proceeds to go downward. If you didn't step in in time, no worries, there is a cyan glowing rune that teleports you down. As the platform goes down, it stops in the middle and mobs spawn. It's two waves of mobs with first being Veteran Imps only, then an Elite Minotaur and Veteran Imps. Use the Light of Deldrimor to make them vulnerable and after killing them the platform moves again. You can jump down but it can happen that you die if you jump from too high. It is more safe to wait until it is fully down.
(Greatsword 5) to group the mobs.
to get to to the elevator quicker and thus activate it faster.

The Voice
Before fight Pre-stack
Prestack Might and proceed to the boss. The boss has several mechanics. The most annoying one is that he is teleporting to a random location of the arena every 10%. The Voice has a couple of well telegraphed attacks, that can be easily sidestepped. In addition to that he also targets random players and throws a big ball (big AoE attack) at them, which bounces back and force. This can be negated with Aegis.
The tiles of the arena can be revealed with the Light of Deldrimor skill. Spam this skill all the time and you won't have a problem with disappearing tiles.
Teleporting Breakbar
At 80% and then 40% The Voice teleports away and gains a breakbar while casting beam on you that makes the tiles disappear under you. If you do not manage to break the breakbar fast enough he gains a barrier you have to remove.
Invulnerable Phases
At 60% and 20% The Voice teleports to the middle, becoming invulnerable and you have to keep away Spectral Flames from him. Spectral Flames make the tiles disappear under them. Use Light of Deldrimor skill to make them invulnerable to Spectral Flames. If a Spectral Flame manages to reach The Voice, he casts a huge AoE that damages you. During this phase the group should focus on killing Shades as they can easily cause a wipe.
Ending 20%
After the 20% invulnerability he doesn't teleport away and you can nuke him. After defeating The Voice the fractal is finished.
The Voice
to keep the shades from CCing your party with
. Alternatively you can use
to pull the shades together with
, but this is hardly relevant with the abundance of either cleave or pulls groups have today.