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Daily T4 Fractal
  • October 13, 2021
Current Record 3 min 48 secby Quantify [qT]
  • Level 92 137 AR
Cycle Night
Start: Grawl slaughter!

At the start of the fractal four grawls have to be killed in order to start the first event. Use Pulls to group them up and quickly burst them down.

The next event requires to fill up a progress bar. For every grawl killed the party gains progress. Note, that the grawls always spawn in groups and can be attacked before they are visible. They always spawn at the same spots, so you can focus AoE damage on these spots.

While four people kill the respawning Grawls to fill the progress bar, one person (usually the Renegade but anyone can) should run ahead to the next area and trigger the checkpoint at the Grawl Shaman. This way, everyone can portal after the section is completed and resurrect to skip the Boulder passage.

The start area
Skip to 2nd encounterClick to play!
Skip to 2nd encounterClick to play!

The Berserker can equip a greatsword and Blood Reckoning for 2x Arc Divider!

Skip to 2nd encounterClick to play!

The Elementalist can precast strong DPS skills like Lightning Storm and Meteor Shower on the spawn locations of the Grawls, since the mobs take damage seconds before they actually appear. You can use Sandstorm to reduce incoming damage and Arcane Wave to cleave the adds faster.

Grawl Shaman

Kill the Veteran Grawl Shamans to prevent them from sacrificing the captives. Control effects like Stun and Immobile hinder them from reaching the edge.

You will need to throw eight Infused Stones at the bubble protecting the Grawl Shaman boss to break it and make him vulnerable. The stones spawn on rockfalls, wait until the falling animation finishes and dodge into it to collect it. You can ping the Grawl Shaman (Ctrl + T) for easy targeting.

After the bubble is broken, stand below the boss to LoS him and he will come down immediately. Throw another Infused Stone at him if his bubble reappears during the fight.

Use either Unsteady Ground and Shock Wave or Static Field to keep the Veteran Grawl Shamans in your Lava Font, Pyroclastic Blast and Plasma Blast. If everyone LoS'ed the boss correctly, he will be close enough to Fiery Whirl against the altar he stood on.

The Grawl Shaman

Imbued Shaman

Take the shortcut on the right-hand side down, jump into the lava then run and jump to the final platform to trigger the next checkpoint, then everyone uses /gg to reset cooldowns. Walk until the end of the boardwalk, stack Might and jump down to the Imbued Shaman (the bat follows you to the end of the walkway, but it takes 10 or more seconds to reach it. Make sure you have the boons stacked and are on the correct weapon before the bat flies in you fire field).

Every 25% health, the boss gains a protective bubble and starts moving to a random villager. It will heal for about 20% health if it reaches their target, so break the bubble quickly by casting 40 abilities while targeting the Imbued Shaman (you actually don't have to hit him). Try to keep him in the center as the villagers are located at the edge of the area.

He will also spawn 10-20 Lava Elementals during this phase, kill them fast as they cast a lot of projectiles and inflict high Burning stacks on the team. Note that repeated jumping prevents the application of Burning from the floor.

Avoid the Bash and Wing Buffer attacks (they Knockback) and utilize conditions clears & reflects to finish the fractal successfully.

The Imbued Shaman

Use Legendary Demon Stance / Legendary Renegade Stance to spam Resistance after the bosses bubble phase.

Use Tome 3 skill 4 for party wide Resistance!

Take Ether Renewal for an additional condition cleanse. Use Arcane Wave to cleave the Lava Elementals faster.

Take Healing Spring for pulsing condition cleanse! You can also take Bear Stance with the trait Leader of the Pack to give the whole party condition cleanse.