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Aquatic Ruins

T4 Fractal
  • February 24, 2021
Current Record 2 min 13 secby Happens [hP]
  • Level 76 107 AR
Cycle Day

This is an underwater fractal. Make sure you have appropriate underwater equipment with enough Agony Resistance.

It is highly recommended to bring one of the following builds due them performing well in underwater combat:

The wooden rack
Save the villagers

You can stack Might on the rack before entering the water. Kill the two groups of Krait and open the cages. Use /gg after the last cage to resurrect at the tunnel part.

Villagers are trapped in cages
  1. Frozen Abyss (Trident 5)
  2. Wicked Spiral (Spear 2)
  3. Use both wells

  4. Soul Spiral (Shroud 4)
  5. Shroud auto attacks until ~7k life force

  6. Wicked Spiral (Spear 2)
  7. Auto attacks until spear 2 is off cooldown

  8. Repeat from step 1

You can stay Weaver for this fractal and trait Air with , and most importantly Fresh Air or re-trait to Tempest. For utility, use , , and Weave Self as Elite skill.

Rotate to / while swimming to the boss for Elements of Rage and use Forked Lightning (Air autoattack) and Electrocute (Skill 2). Then rotate to / use Rock Spray (Skill 2) and Sodden Swath (Earth/Air Skill 3) use Forked Lightning (Air autoattack) rotate to / . Use Boil (Skill 2) Molten Burst (Fire/Earth Skill 3) and Rock Anchor (Skill 4) Murky Water (Skill 5). Rotate to / use Lava Chains (Skill 4) and Heat Wave (Skill 5). Rotate to / use Plasmic Strike (Air/Fire Skill 3), Electrocute (Skill 2) and Forked Lightning (Air autoattack). Rotate to / and start again.

Use your utility while in / or / when the vulnerability debuff is up (breaking out from the Jellyfish's belly).

You can re-trait to Tempest for this fractal as it is one of the best choices for underwater combat (because of cleave and vulnerability uptime).

Trait Air with , and most importantly Fresh Air. For utility, use , , and as Elite skill.

As rotation, alternate between Overload Air () and Boil () and Electrocute and Air autoattack () to maximize DPS.

Dark Path Changes daily

If you get this path, swim together and take the Luminous Plants on the way to protect you and nearby players from dying. If you are able to survive it, take the shortcut to the left after entering the larger cave. Use dodges or Invulnerability for the last group of Krait. If someone reaches the krait champion, use /gg to immediately resurrect there.

Dolphin Path Changes daily

If you get this path, spam Skill 1 during swimming to reveal nearby hidden Krait and keep to the right. You can use Skill 2 to create a distraction and Skill 3 to get Stealth. Skill 5 can be used to instantly revive nearby dead allies. Always dodge twice when you anticipate a Krait attack. As soon as someone reaches the checkpoint you wait for your party to /gg and spawn next to you. Kill the Champion Krait to get to the Jellyfish Beast.

Jellyfish Beast

The Jellyfish Beast does not have a breakbar since the rework. Instead a special version of Exposed called Weakened is given to the boss. Sadly the Superior Sigil of Impact does not work with this effect. Use Superior Sigil of Force and Superior Sigil of Serpent Slaying (Krait for the split phases) instead - when playing power based builds.

The boss always starts with an AoE stun-spin attack. Stability spam is recommended to handle this encounter gracefully. Every now and then the boss eats a player. To free themselves, the player will need to complete a guitar-hero styled puzzle by always clicking the highlighted skill. If you miss the right skill too often you die.

Every 25% the boss gets Invulnerability and Elite Krait spawn. Kill them to continue the fight.

When the Mistlock Instability: Afflicted is present, it is highly recommended to bring some kind of condition-cleanse due to the ticking aura during the split phases applying conditions.

Use Legendary Dwarf Stance and Legendary Assassin Stance. Use Legendary Demon Stance instead of if there is Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain. When the Jellyfish raises all of it's tentacle cast Inspiring Reinforcement.

Use "Stand Your Ground!". If you have multiple Guardians in your team, consider taking Mantra of Liberation.

The Jellyfish Beast