Aquatic Ruins

T4 Fractal

Current Record 2:13by Happens [hP]
  • Level 76 107 AR
Cycle Day

This is an underwater fractal. Make sure you have approriate underwater equipment with enough Agony Resistance.

Save the villagers

You can stack Might on the rack before entering the water. Kill the three groups of Krait and open the cages. Use /gg after the last cage to resurrect at the tunnel part.

Use to group up Krait. You can place a on the rack and open it with underwater to not loose time while the others stack Might. You can place another one at the 2nd cage, swim ahead and open it at the 3rd cage. Place a to give a speed bost the the whole party.

Take and trait to grant Fury and Might, since the Druid can't get into as often as on land.

You can stay Weaver for this fractal and trait Air with , and most importantly or retrait to Tempest. For utility, use , , and as Elite skill.

Rotate to / while swimming to the boss for and use (Air autoattack) and (Skill 2). Then rotate to / use (Skill 2) and (Earth/Air Skill 3) use (Air autoattack) rotate to / . Use (Skill 2) (Fire/Earth Skill 3) and (Skill 4) (Skill 5). Rotate to / use (Skill 4) and (Skill 5). Rotate to / use (Air/Fire Skill 3), (Skill 2) and (Air autoattack). Rotate to / and start again.

Use your utility while in / or / when the bar is broken

You can retrait to Tempest for this fractal as it is one of the best choices for underwater combat (because of cleave and vulnerability uptime).
Trait Air with , and most importantly . For utility, use , , and as Elite skill.
As rotation, alternate between () and () and and Air autoattack () to maximize dps.

Retrait Druid to Marksmanship for and swap to in Nature Magic. Run five spirits () for easy boon application with .

The wooden rack
Villagers are trapped in cages

Dark Path Random

If you get this path, swim together and take the Luminous Plants on the way to protect you and nearby players from dying. If you are able to survive it, take the shortcut to the left after entering the larger cave. Use dodges or Invulnerability for the last group of Krait. If someone reaches the end boss, use /gg to immediately resurrect there.

or Dolphin Path Random

If you get this path, spam Skill 1 during swimming to reveal nearby hidden Krait and keep to the right. You can use Skill 2 to create a distraction and Skill 3 to get a short speed boost. Skill 5 can be used to instantly revive nearby dead allies. Always dodge twice when you anticipate a Krait attack. As soon as someone reaches the end boss, use /gg to immediately resurrect there.

Jellyfish Beast

Break Jellyfish Beast's defiance bar as often as possible to benefit from and deal more damage. If he eats you, use any kind of stunbreak to break free or spam Skill 1.

Use a combination of , , , and to easily keep up Quickness for the whole fight.
If possible, cast against a cage for high damage.

Cast against a cage for high damage.

The Jellyfish Beast