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Molten Boss

T4 Fractal
  • July 1, 2022
Current Record 2 min 10 sec by Discretize [dT]
  • Level 90 132 AR
Cycle Day
Start area
Skip the first two bridges, you can use Stealth but since it is difficult to reapply just stay together while moving. You can use
to skip the entire first part, video below.
You will reach an area with two Molten Protectors, drag them with you to the next group of mobs where you can't proceed. Kill everything there and the bridge to the Molten Effigy will come down.
Note that the Molten Protectors cast a zone which grants enemies inside Invulnerability (recognizable by an electric beam). Therefore, killing and controlling the Molten Protectors is your highest priority throughout the entire fractal.
First skipClick to play!
First skipClick to play!
First skipClick to play!
The long way down
The long way down

Molten Effigy
Stack Might if possible before moving on to the Molten Effigy. Revenant take
to remove Protection from the Molten Effigy
There is another single Molten Protector which needs to be focused before switching to the Molten Effigy. Revenant use
) and remove Protection from the Molten Effigy
. Use interrupts or reflects against the Effigy's Firestorm attack, pay attention to the Charge (large arrow) and Shockwave attacks and cleave mobs around if possible.
Alternatively, you can use
to strip boons. This will also allow you to use
for Stability.
The moment you killed the Effigy you can /gg if necessary so you don't have to take the Mistlock Singularity (this prevents the problem where you can't take the Mistlock Singularity due to being in fight), then you can continue to the next trash group. All following groups of mobs are progress-blocking, clear them to make it to the final area. Molten Protectors have the highest priority (because they cast AoE Invulnerability) and Smoke Shamans are second to them (they apply Stealth to surrounding enemies). You can /gg once directly before the end boss if necessary.
The Molten Effigy
The Molten Effigy

Molten Berserker & Molten Firestorm
Molten Berserker & Molten Firestorm
Molten Berserker & Molten Firestorm
When you walk onto the end boss area, a group-wide Agony effect will be applied and put you in combat. As soon as it ends, use the small time (4-5 seconds) before boss starts to stack Might.
Kill the Molten Firestorm first and pay attention to the AoEs and Shockwave attack. Reflects are useful here as well (especially if you're running without a healer). The Molten Berserker will heal to full health after his comrade is dead, kill him afterwards to finish the fractal.
Do not walk into the hitboxes of the two bosses to prevent them from moving out of damaging fields.
Advanced tactics for Molten Berserker & Molten Firestorm:
You enter the arena after killing the group of mobs before the bridge, before anyone enters the arena place a
at the Mistlock Singularity and open at the respawn place (entering the arena teleports everyone in), then you all /gg fast, revive and take the portal to the Mistlock Singularity. It only works well if you know where you respawn.
After entering the arena again you kill the Molten Firestorm, then use /gg the moment it's dead, this resets your cooldowns (after /gg the boss progress doesn't reset so you do not have to worry) and you go back into the arena and kill the Molten Berserker.