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T4 Fractal
  • February 24, 2021
Current Record 3 min 32 secby Snow Crows [SC]
  • Level 86 125 AR
  • Level 93 137 AR
Cycle Night
Ice Wall

Light up the Bonfire with your special action key skill. Kill the spawning Icebrood Elementals or use control effects like Pull to prevent them from extinguishing it and throw Firewood into the fire to keep it burning. The stronger the bonfire, the faster the ice wall will melt - usually after around 75 seconds.

If you gain too many stacks of Hypothermia (one every 5 seconds), reset them by standing at the bonfire.

When there are only a few percent remaining, go near the fire to leave combat and pre-equip Executioner Axe Toy to be faster on the bridge.

Cast a Conjure Fiery Greatsword for Renegade at the wall right before it melts.

First swap your legend to Legendary Centaur Stance / Legendary Renegade Stance, but stay on . Place White Mantle Portal Device then skip to the first bonfire on the left with anything like: Conjure Fiery Greatsword or Executioner Axe Toy or Endless Choya Piñata Tonic, place portal exit when you lit the fire, then go to the Elemental source, deplete your energy below 10 for extra 25 energy on legend swap, swap to Legendary Centaur Stance, what you need to do is in the next paragraph with video.

The start area

Elemental Source

At the start of the fight, light up the five bonfires to remove the 10 stacks of Rime Shield from the boss. Each stack reduces its damage taken by 10%.

Every 25%, the Elemental Source casts Wind Gust (icy projectiles) which makes the bonfires loose health. If a bonfire goes down, you will need to throw firewood into it and light it up again using your special action key.

With reflects and high DPS you can simply burst the boss before any bonfire expires. Note that the Elemental Source is a structure so no potion or sigil will work on it.

Renegade bubbleClick to play!

Place a bubble on top of the Elemental Source, absorbing EVERY projectile so you do not have to dodge anymore.

With the right angle, you can Fiery Whirl against the Elemental Source.

The Elemental Source

The icy forest

After the Elemental Source is destroyed, everyone except the fastest player can /gg and wait for the next checkpoint at the cave to trigger. Mobility skills and Endless Choya Piñata Tonic / Executioner Axe Toy are very good here, skip videos below.

Forest skipClick to play!
Forest skipClick to play!
Forest skipClick to play!
Forest skipClick to play!
Shaman Lornarr Dragonseeker

Stack Might before the final boss. Make sure to dodge into the boss room to avoid getting Chilled from the icy bolts.

He gains 3 stacks of Rime Shield reducing his incoming damage from the three respawning Corrupted Ice Crystals, destroy them before focusing the Shaman.

At 75%, 50% and 25% you will need to kill a summoned Icebrood Effigy. Dodge every red circle during the fight and break the defiance bars immediately to prevent mechanics.

Take either Legendary Dwarf Stance or Legendary Centaur Stance as secondary legend, both have their advantages. can give Stability while can give more condition cleanse and projectile absorption with Protective Solace.

Use Tempest Arcane Wave for better cleave. The range of Arcane Wave is sufficient to hit the boss, the mobs in the middle and at least one Corrupted Ice Crystals at the side, so make sure you aim accordingly.

Equip a greatsword and Blood Reckoning for double Arc Divider. Use your greatsword to cleave down the adds quickly!

Shaman Lornarr Dragonseekers cave