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  • April 19, 2024
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updated for the 4/16/2024 patch

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  • Power Damage
Synergy average
DPS average
Independence high
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masteryaverage
The Power Reaper is one of the best picks for players wanting to be more independent of their party. Due to large amounts of self-produced Vulnerability, Quickness, Might, Stability and damage mitigation, it is good in parties where your teammates do not perform very well.
The Power Reaper has multiple offensive skill options (Pull, boon corruptions for Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain , Blinded, Immobile, etc.) Power Reaper can modify itself to fit many given situations in fractals.
It benefits from slaying potions such as
on fights where you don't benefit from Exposed or a slaying sigil such as
, you can drop
for a damage increase. Use the Gear Optimizer to adjust your build.
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Assassin
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker

  • Berserker
  • Berserker

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Spite
  • Soul Reaping
  • Reaper
Situational Weapons
  • Staff: used for precasting and cleave damage.
Playing Staff over Dagger at single target encounters is not bad, but recognize that
(Dagger 2) continues during your shroud and therefore takes advantage of
Staff will fall behind in fast groups!
  • Warhorn: when it comes to break bar damage
    (Torch 5) is simply a better version of
    (Warhorn 4), but
    (Warhorn 5) can be precasted for a long uptime of your Fireworks relic. This can be useful during downtimes e.g. Arkk.
  • Focus: can be used during days with Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain to generate a damage increase by stripping boons with
    (Focus 5), but generally speaking
    (Utility) or
    (Utility) can be used on both weaponsets and do not require adjusting your gear.
Defiance Bar Damage
100 with Fear
150 with Stun
150 with Pull
200 from Knockdown
100 with Fear
100 base plus 100 with Fear (300 total if traited)
150-750 damage with Pull (see situational skills)
200 damage from Knockdown with multi-hits as golem travels through hitbox (600, 800, 1000 damage depending on hitbox size)
200 with Stun (300 melee)
Situational Skills
If you are going to replace a skill,
is your least damaging skill.
Your most damaging option for a third utility. Deals some AoE damage as well as applying Blinded and Chilled to targets inside the well.
A strong AoE boon corrupt which can be used on days withMistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain. If you are the one responsible to strip all boons on MAMA and Arkk, take
A 1200 range teleport skill that can double as a projectile blocker for fights like Old Tom in the Uncategorized Fractal.
A secondary teleport skill that allows one to solo the turret room in the Thaumanova Fractal. Also great for consuming conditions on consoles in the Aetherblade Fractal.
A useful 1200 range 5 target pull to help stack up golems at the Chaos Anomaly fight or the adds in the Arkk fight. It also provides an extra 150 defiance bar damage. Hits up to five times if you cast it inside a mob with other enemies outside.
A defensive utility to help mitigate conditions on you, as well as apply extra Chill for usage with
A useful skill for mitigating projectiles.
Makes your attacks unblockable, great to break the Ooze in Thaumanova Reactor Fractal. It is great to have at Volcanic Boss in Volcanic fractal and Champion Dredge in Underground Facility too.
Swap with
if you need a meat shield at the cost of personal DPS (best use in Siren's Reef and Molten Boss fractals).
Depending on the amount of foes hit, this elite skill can grant yourself up to 12 stacks of Stability and Might, as well as a long lasting Quickness and Fury duration.
Best heal skill option outside of single target encounters.
Skill Usage
  • Staff marks if possible
  • Use
    (Elite) to precast
    (Skill 4).
  • If you have
    (Deluxe Upgrade) precast it on encounters that are too far away from the Mistlock Singularity to make use of your Lich precast.
  • Alternativly
    can be used before taking a portal to precast your
    and still being able to take the Mistlock Singularity.
  • Optional: Precast
    (Utility) and swap back to your combat skills.
The given rotation below is meant for a golem-like scenario and has to be adapted based on phase-lengths/exposed/mechanics/the following aspects:
  • Take into account exposed/impact burst windows!
  • Since most fractal phases are on a faster pace, you might have to use your
    (Shroud 4) earlier.
  • (Shroud 2) deals a decent chunk of its damage at the end of the cast, so it can be beneficial to skip it towards the end of a phase.
  • All shouts require to stand in melee range (240 range) to get their full value.
  • (first instance of shroud 3) should always be utilised during shroud to prevent getting interrupted and to reduce the loss of Life Force from incomming damage for 6s. Keep in mind that
    (second instance of shroud 3) ends the damage mitigation and can interrupt e.g.
    (Shroud 4), so be careful to not double cast it by accident.
Below 50% hp
  • increases all of your strike damage.
  • (Greatsword 2) has no recharge cooldown anymore.
  • Skip
    (Dagger 3), Devouring Visage (Sword 5), and Greatsword Auto-Attacks for more Gravdiggers.
  • Only use
    if you need additional Life Force.
  • Below 25% boss HP
    (Shroud 5) deals its highest amount of damage.
  1. (Greatsword 5)
  2. (Greatsword 4)
  3. Weapon Swap
  4. (Utility)
  5. (Utility)
  6. (Utility)
  7. (Dagger 2)
  8. Shroud
  9. continue with Loop
  1. (F1)
  2. (Shroud 2)
  3. Auto-attack chain 2x
  4. (Shroud 2)
  5. (Shroud 4)
  6. Auto-attack chain
  7. (Shroud 2)
  8. (Shroud 5)
  9. (F1)
Loop (above 50% hp):
(Utility) on Cooldown
  1. (Sword 4)
  2. (Sword 5)
  3. (Sword 4 Flip Skill)
  4. (Sword 5 Flip Skill)
  5. (Dagger 3)
  6. (Dagger 2)
  7. Weapon Swap
  8. (Greatsword 2)
  9. (Greatsword 3)
  10. Auto-attack chain
  11. (Greatsword 2)
  12. (Greatsword 5)
  13. (Greatsword 4)
  14. (Utility)
  15. (Utility)
  16. Shroud
  17. (Greatsword 2)
  18. (Greatsword 3)
  19. Auto-attack chain
  20. (Greatsword 2)
  21. (Greatsword 4)
  22. (Greatsword 5)
  23. Weapon Swap
  24. (Sword 4)
  25. (Sword 5)
  26. (Sword 4 Flip Skill)
  27. (Sword 5 Flip Skill)
  28. (Dagger 3)
  29. (Utility)
  30. (Utility)
  31. (Dagger 2)
  32. Shroud