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  • October 22, 2023
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  • Power Damage
Synergy very high
DPS low
Independence high
Acquiring basicsaverage
Achieving masterychallenging
The Renegade is one of the professions with the most support and utility. It provides permanent Alacrity, half of the necessary Might with
, and if that is not enough already, the Renegade has also excellent CC capabilities with
Damage-wise the Renegade is on the lower end compared to the other damage dealing classes. This does not imply that the damage doesn't matter; in fact Renegade has a very juicy burst that makes slacking DPS players sweaty.
Since the Renegade is a power-oriented build it benefits from
Renegade requires 33.3% Boon Duration minimum to maintain Alacrity, pressing
off-cooldown. Due to the nature of most fractal encounters, Boon Duration close to this can safely be run thanks to precasting and short phases/fights (especially when precasting with a high Boon Duration gearset). If you want more room for error and safer uptimes, use the gear optimizer to adjust your build.
Check the gear optimizer for more gear variants!
On days with Mistlock Instability: Boon Overload, you can replace all Diviner gear with Berserker/Dragon pieces.
Dragon pieces can be freely replaced with Berserker for a slight DPS loss.
  • Diviner
  • Berserker
  • Diviner
  • Berserker
  • Dragon
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Devastation
  • Invocation
  • Renegade
Situational Traits
Will increase your personal Might generation and is taken as an alternative to
if you are not maintaining 25 stacks.
This trait will allow you to provide 25 stacks of Might to your party. If you also want to provide 100% Alacrity in longer fights you will need 100% Boon Duration, however on shorter fights or in fast groups you may be able to get away with less if you precast at the Mistlock Singularity.
This trait is a personal DPS increase. It can be used on shorter fights where you can precast most of the required Alacrity at the Mistlock Singularity.
Defiance Bar Damage
Hard Crowd Control:
Soft Crowd Control:
Situational Skills
This Herald skill grants you Superspeed.
Step through the Mists to your target.
Create a stone road granting Stability to allies.
Pull enemies up to 360 radius.
Protective barrier blocking enemy projectiles.
This Renegade skill shield your allies with -50% Incoming Condition Damage for 10s.
This Vindicator skill lunge you forward up to 600 range.
Burst Rotation
are up depending on your selected legend.
Greatsword Burst
  1. ->
Sword Burst
Ideally you would want to do your burst rotation under the effect of Exposed.
Using Renegade start on
  1. Cast
    to generate a Fire field.
  2. Blast Might with
  3. Press
    to generate Alacrity.
  4. Take the Mistlock Singularity.
  5. Blast Might with another
  6. Share Alacrity again with
  7. Swap to
    and cast
  8. Swap back to
Dealing with No Pain, No Gain
Note that with a build like Scrapper, Virtuoso, Scourge, or Specter who can strip boons while doing their rotation, you shouldn't have to deal with Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain on most fights. Although there will be some T4s where you will need to help and also on Arkk and MAMA depending on the build.
There are multiple weapons in your arsenal to deal with the instability Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain and make it easier to manage the boons that the enemy will receive from this instability. For fractals with Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain it is recommended to run a staff with
instead of a
. The
will transfer three boons from enemies to you when you interrupt an attack. For enemies with a defiance bar, using a CC skill while the enemy is casting any ability counts as interrupting, even if there is no "interrupted" message. This can also be run on Greatsword or Sword instead of
if necessary, and the boonstrip can be procced with
  • Diviner

As for legends that you want to run, the general rule of thumb in groups that perform at least relatively well is to run
. If you find the stability to be an issue on Artsariiv in slower groups where
isn't enough to cover the Stability, you can run
or alternatively heavily rely on your
to strip the boons and run
. However, this isn't recommended due to the unreliability of
Citadel Order Skills:
  • (F2) - Share two stacks of Might for each Kalla's Fervor stack.
  • (F3) - Fire 10 to 15 missiles that inflict high damage and Burning.
  • (F4) - Share four pulses of Alacrity. Increased to a total of six pulses of Alacrity with

Greatsword Skills:
  • - The auto-attack chain cleaves up to 5 targets and provides Vulnerability on the second and third attacks in the chain. The third attack also applies Chilled
  • - High damage skill with low cooldown and energy cost, also applies Vulnerability.
  • - A movement skill that will rush you toward your target and apply Chilled.
  • - A 2 second block. Once used, the flip skill
    is useable. This will deal increased damage per attack blocked.
  • - High damage skill that will hit at least 5 times. Each time the skill hits a damage reduction of 10% is applied for the next hit.
Sword Skills:
  • - The auto-attack chain cleaves and provides Vulnerability on the two first attacks. The third attack creates an exploding rift on up to three targets, with each explosion hitting three targets. Potentially hitting nine times.
  • - High damage skill with low cooldown and energy cost, also provides Chilled. The second attack deals increased damage to isolated enemies.
  • - A two second evade that also provides Might to yourself.
  • - High damage skill, however, should be used in key moments due to the energy cost, cooldown, and application of Vulnerability.
  • - Shadowstep to the target, grants two hits with decent damage. Should be used in key moments, unless energy and timing allow it to be used for damage.
Staff Skills:
  • - The auto-attack chain cleaves and the last hit provides a small amount of healing to allies.
  • - Provides Weakness and a small amount of healing to allies.
  • - A two second block that causes Blinded foes.
  • - Provides a blast for a combo field, cleanses two conditions and heals allies.
  • - The strongest Crowd Control skill in your arsenal, which grants between three and nine hits of Knockback.

Notable Traits:
  • - 20% damage increase when foe is below 50% health.
  • - When you apply Vulnerability you gain stacks of Battle Scars, which make your next attack(s) steal health.
  • - 7% damage increase while your health is above 90%.
  • - Grant 25 more energy when you swap Legends below 10 energy.
  • - Disabling a foe provides Vulnerability.
  • - 33% Critical chance increase when your endurance is full.
  • - Increases the missile count of
    to 15.
  • -
    shares more stacks of Might and the duration is increased by 50%.
  • - The duration of Alacrity shared from
    is increased by 50%.
  • - Summons a spirit that heals you on cast and pulses heal to allies in an area around it. Reduces damage taken from conditions by 50%.
  • - Summons a spirit that causes your party to inflict Bleeding on attack.
  • - Summons a spirit that Dazes enemies in an area around it for ¼ of a second once per second for six seconds.
  • - Summons a spirit that deals high damage to enemies around it and inflicts Vulnerability
  • - Summons a spirit that enchants your party's attacks with life steal. Increases damage dealt by your party while healing them for each attack.

  • - Every ½ second your next six attacks siphon life from your target.
  • - Shadowsteps you to your target and gives you two stacks of unblockable.
  • - Stunbreak and evade that removes movement-impairing conditions like Crippled.
  • - Toggle: Damage modifier, grants you another hit on your attacks and increases your movement speed.
  • - Deal damage, inflict Vulnerability and Stun five nearby enemies.

  • - Powerful self-heal and condition cleanse.
  • - Grant Stability to your party and inflict Weakness and damage to enemies standing in the field.
  • - Shoot out a chain to your target that applies Taunt and Slow to your target and four nearby enemies.
  • - Toggle: Summon hammers to spin around you dealing damage to nearby enemies while draining your energy.
  • - Stunbreak which reduces incoming damage by 50% for your party.

  • - A decent self-heal that heals more for each unique condition on you.
  • - Draw one condition from nearby allies and provide Resistance to your party. Also works as a stunbreak.
  • - Removes three boons from enemies in a line up to five unique enemies and causes Chilled on enemies hit.
  • - Jump to a location and pull five nearby enemies inflicting Chilled on them.
  • - Toggle: Deal damage to nearby enemies and pulse Torment to them. Drains energy when toggled on.

  • - Summon Ventari's Tablet which heals nearby allies every few seconds.
  • - Move Ventari's Tablet to the target location.
  • - Toggle: Summons a protective barrier that absorbs (not reflect) projectiles around the tablet.
  • - Heals the party for a decent amount around the tablet.
  • - Cleanses three conditions from allies near the tablet and heals per condition cleansed.
  • - Drains your remaining energy to explode Ventari's Tablet, cleansing one condition per 10 energy drained. Ventari's Tablet shatters into smaller fragments that can be picked up by allies for a small heal.