CC Distribution


Basics of Crowd Control:

What is a Defiance bar?

The Defiance bar (also called a breakbar) is a very important mechanic in fractals mainly due to its ability to let players do more damage to a mob for a certain amount of time after breaking it.

Usually elite or higher mobs will have a defiance bar in fractals, your goal should be to break this bar as fast as possible. In order to break a defiance bar, you need to use CC skills on the enemy whose breakbar you want to break. The size of the bar varies from boss to boss and between mobs too, what matters is that you should break it.

Once you break an enemy's defiance bar they will gain an effect named Exposed, which means they take 50% more damage. They will also usually be Stuned, which means they are unable to attack you or deal damage to you.

This guide's aim is to help you understand how your team should cooperate to break all the CC bars.The present Firebrand + Renegade meta demands CC contributions from every member of the party, even of the DPS players!A list of CC skills along with their defiance bar damage can be found on each class respective Build page.

In Tier 4 fractals (T4) a breakbar usually does not exceed 600 units, nevertheless, it is everyone's responsibility to break bars as quickly as possible.In PuG (Pick up Group, players from the LFG system) runs, where you can rely on the fact that 4 out of 5 people did not read this page it is very much recommended to make up for their lack of CC with CC consumables.

Using Crowd Control effectively is the key to success in almost all fractals! A fast break will decrease kill times by a large margin even if your party underperforms in every other aspect!

What does CC mean?

CC is an acronym for Crowd Control. A Crowd Control skill is any skill that disables an enemy or even a group of enemies and therefore deals damage to a defiance bar, it can be split into soft CC or hard CC

Hard CC skills usually inflict the enemy with some kind of movement effect like Stun or Knockback. As they disable the enemy right now they deal defiance bar damage instantaneously. This is the most commonly used type of CC skills to break a defiance bar.

Soft CC skills are those which apply conditions, they inflict damage to the Defiance bar over time, depending upon the condition. Since you want to get the Exposed effect as soon as possible you can't rely on soft CC breaking a bar of 2000 as seen below it will take quite a while.

Soft CC table
ConditionCC per second
Fear100 per second
Taunt75 per second
Immobile50 per second
Slow50 per second
Chilled33 per second
Blind20 per second
Weakness20 per second
Crippled15 per second

Challenge Mode CC distribution


At 1800 MAMA has a small defiance bar, but you need to break it three times during the fight. In combination with the Knights that have defiance bars of 800, each MAMA becomes the most CC heavy fractal boss in the game.

When playing without CC Consumables, the Berserker needs to take an offhand mace with in addition to and , and the Firebrand needs to bring instead of .

Restricted Mama CC distribution by Dissect [Dc]
When playing with CC consumables, the Firebrand can keep .

Unrestricted Mama CC distribution with consumables

At 2000 Siax has a medium-sized defiance bar that you should only have to break once if you are fast.

You can always use a if you don't trust your group.

Siax CC distribution

At 2000 in the first phase, and ~2250 in the second and third phase, Ensolyss has sizeable defiance bars that need to be broken fast to avoid a time loss in the first phase and to prevent the team from taking damage in the second and third phase. The small time window for breaking the first bar means that everyone in the party MUST contribute.
phase 1
Ensolyss Phase 1 CC distribution
phase 2 and 3
The bigger bar in the second and third phase means that the Berserker needs to do an extra and that the weaver needs to do an extra .

Ensolyss Phase 2 and 3 CC distribution

At 2200 Skorvald the Shattered has one of the largest defiance bars out of all the Challenge Mode fractal bosses, meaning that the whole group needs to contribute to break it quickly.

If the Renegade precasts and has decent positioning, getting 5 hits of , then the Berserker can forgo offhand mace in favour of a warhorn (with ) for blasting Might on the islands.

Skorvald CC distribution

At 2100 Artsariiv has a large defiance bar that needs to be broken quickly for the Soulbeast to land their reflect into Exposed. Luckily you have Hypernova Launch working in your favour, which the Renegade should utilize by canceling his with it, causing it to hit 9 times, resulting in 1350 defiance bar damage. This property of Hypernova Launch can be used to get more hits with any movement skills, like warrior's (Greatsword 3) and Fiery Greatsword's (FGS 3).

The remaining 750 defiance bar damage should come from the Firebrand's and from Berserker's and either or from Weaver if the Berserker isn't bringing an offhand mace.

Artsariiv CC distribution
split phase adds

The easiest and fastest way to break the defiance bars on the split-phase clones is with crowd control consumables. This also means you don't need to waste any DPS skills to CC these adds.

  • For the first split phase at 66% you want to use a followed by either a or .
  • For the second split phase at 33% you can use either a , 2 s or a

At 1800 Arkk has a small defiance bar that appears after the bloom pushing phase at 80%, 50% and 30%. Once again you have the Hypernova Launch working in your favour, which in addition to causing to hit 9 times, the Launch from Hypernova Launch will also double-hit, bringing the Renegade's defiance bar damage to 1814 alone!

The only reason the Berserker carries an off-hand mace on Arkk is to get the buff by precasting after each bloom phase.

Arkk CC distribution
What now?

Continue reading how you can use consumable items in fractals and help breaking the Defiance bar with them here or if you already read that we recommend taking a look how you can help your group pre-stacking Might, Fury and other boons here!