Cheat sheet


This sheet is used to give quick access to the on average nost optimal sigils and potions for each fractal. However some fractals have small variations where different parts of the fractal benefit from different potions or specific sigils, for furthur information consult the individual fractal guides.

Fractal                                              Sigil & Potion                          Description
Sunqua Peak This option only applies to power, for condi keep standard sigil/utility.
Shattered Observatory When at Arkk swap to
Nightmare Right after MAMA swap to
Chaos Isles None
Aetherblade Swap to and for the endboss.
Captain Mai Trin Use a to prestack at the mistlock and port right to the boss
Cliffside None
Snowblind None
Volcanic For the endboss swap to and
Uncategorized Swap your sigil to once you reach Old Tom
Molten Boss None
Swampland None
Twilight Oasis None
Urban Battlegrounds None
Thaumanova Reactor None
Deepstone None
Molten Furnace None
Underground Facility and if the final boss is the Ice Elemental
Solid Ocean None
Siren's Reef Standard setups on condition damage classes such as Condition Firebrand are prefered here
Aquatic Ruins