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dT Daily Comps

  • April 21, 2024
Playing in organised groups
It all comes down to some important concepts that need to be fulfilled permanently while in combat. Failing one of these will slow down the run and affect its smoothness.
  1. Boons: 25 stacks of Might, Fury, Quickness and Alacrity.
  2. Conditions: 25 stacks of Vulnerability, along with any unique condis that your class needs to gain damage modifiers.
  3. Breaking CC bars to gain the damage modifier from Exposed.
  4. It's extremely important to execute a good boon precast before every boss, which means blasting Might, sharing Quickness and Alacrity on a precast template that has high boon duration, so that these will stay for longer during the encounters.
  5. Supports aren't healers. As a support your job is to deal as much damage as you can while providing the boons you were chosen for.
Shattered Observatory and Nightmare CM
Power Renegade provides 100% Alacrity uptime, and around 10 stacks of Might, strong utilities in terms of heavy crowd control and damage mitigation. It applies a very high amount of Vulnerability and it remains unmatched for the success of a power composition in short phases.
Power Scrapper provides 100% Quickness uptime, 10 stacks of Might with your
, utilities in terms of crowd control and reflects. It also provides
, and brings some more Vulnerability which helps the renegade.
Two or Three Power Soulbeast provide massive amounts of CC, the biggest burst in the game for short phases, can keep their boons for longer thanks to
. Currently unmatched by any other class on most bosses.
Some decent alternatives to fill the third dps spot in your group, both of these classes bring something valuable, whether it's high burst, faster Vulnerability and Aegis from Power Dragonhunter, or the late fight damage from Power Weaver. Most builds will work well in this slot, providing they can cover the small amount of CC that is missing on the CC heavy encounters (MAMA and Artsariiv).
Sunqua Peak CM and Silent Surf CM
Condi Specter is the king of condi alac. This class provides permanent Alacrity, massive CC thanks to
, a lot of Vulnerability and healing, doing almost as much dps as an actual dps class.
Condi Harbinger is currently the best Quickness pick. It deals high damage with a fairly short ramp up and has access to large amount of CC, whilst also sharing some Might, and applying Vulnerability.
For the dps spots a range of builds can be effective depending on the encounter and team comp. Make sure to consider things like CC requirements, Vulnerability uptime, and team support when selecting a build. A special mention goes to Power Scrapper which is played on Dark Ai (Sunqua Peak CM), where it can reflect the Focused Wrath attack for huge damage, which lets high DPS groups consistently skip the circles mechanic in P1.
Useful Links
In this section you can find links to different parts of the site with information relevant to each class and strategies we use for guild runs. This comes in the form of example logs, and PoVs. All CC Schedules used in the PoVs and guides in this section can be found here CC-Distribution. If you enjoy this style of gameplay, we are always looking for likeminded players. Check out the Apply page to see what is required to join us!
Example 97+98 PoVs + Logs
SiaxLinkShavy (Pre Spirit rework)
EnsolyssLinkShavy (Pre Spirit rework)
MAMALinkDPS.ReportAgt Endrn
SiaxLinkDPS.ReportAgt Endrn (DPS)
EnsolyssLinkDPS.ReportAgt Endrn
SkorvaldLinkDPS.ReportAgt Endrn
Agt Endrn (Slower Strat)
Agt Endrn (Faster Strat)
ArkkLinkDPS.ReportAgt Endrn
All of these PoVs are currently up to date apart from Artsariiv, due to map items being removed from the game. The rotation doesn't change from the PoV, instead you either dodge, have a Dragonhunter use
, or your Scrapper or Renegade shares Stability and a Soulbeast brings
Jetrell (Hammer)
Wuju (Longbow)
All of these PoVs are currently up to date apart from Artsariiv. Due to the Consumables being removed and trap changes, CC distrobution has changed, but the PoV is still good to get an idea of the in phase rotation.
Example 99+100CM PoVs + Logs
Elemental Ai
Dark AiLinkDPS.ReportWuju (Alacrity)
Elemental Ai
Dark AiLinkDPS.ReportNeno (DPS)
Elemental AiLinkDPS.ReportAgt Endrn (Quickness)
Dark AiLinkDPS.ReportAgt Endrn (DPS)
Elemental Ai
Dark AiLinkDPS.ReportShavy