Crit Cap



Achieving 100% Critical Chance is desirable for most power-based Guild Wars 2 builds. As your Critical Damage will be much higher due to large amounts of Ferocity, the value of Critical Chance (and therefore Precision) exceeds other attributes like Power.

At level 80, the conversion formula to calculate Critical Chance from Precision is:

Critical Chance = (Precision - 895) / 21

Note: Previously, the Critical Chance displayed ingame was bugged and 99% were actually equal to 100%. This was fixed in a recent patch and you can now rely on the value shown in your hero panel.

From the above equation it follows that 2995 Precision is enough to reach 100% Critical Chance.

You can subtract the following values in general:

  • 1000 base Precision at level 80
  • 20% Critical Chance from Fury (= 420 Precision)
  • 170 Precision from
  • In groups with a Druid: 100 Precision from

Which brings it down to 1405 Precision or 1305 Precision required (with ).

Apart from that, the grants Precision, Concentration and Toughness as high as 1.5 * Agony Resistance.
So with 150 AR you'd receive 225 additional Precision.

Now we only need 1180 Precision (without ) or 1080 Precision (with ) to achieve 100% Critical Chance (2995 - 1000 - 420 - 170 - 225 and -100)!
We have two options to accomplish that - via items or skills/traits.


The most obvious choice would be , but in Fractals we want to take (and to benefit from frequently broken defiance bars.
Which leaves us with item affixes and runes as other sources of Precision.

A full ascended set of Berserker items is equal to 961 Precision (dual wield) or 960 Precision (two-handed).
So you'll only need a few more points of Precision to reach 100% Critical Chance:

Agony ResistanceWithout + Dual WieldWithout + Two-handedWith + Dual WieldWith + Two-handed
150 (Standard)219220119120
162 (18x , no Augmentations)201202101102
207 (18x , all Augmentations)1331343334
222 (18x , all Augmentations, )1111121112

In general you want to stack as much Agony Resistance as possible to benefit from the Precision conversion if you're not crit capped with profession-specific traits. is usually the way to go as better regular infusions (e.g. ) are very expensive.
After that, you need to swap Berserker items (Major: Power; Minor: Precision, Ferocity) for Assassins (Major: Precision; Minor: Power, Ferocity) to gain more Precision.

Keep in mind that you can also take but normally it is easier to calculate with a full set of Power infusions.

Use our Gear Optimizer to calculate the optimal distribution of Assassin's items.


While some professions have access to passive signet utility skills increasing Precision by 180 points, there is usually a better DPS skill if you are crit capped already.
If for some reason your build isn't optimized yet and you are missing at least those 180 points, it is recommended to take the Precision signet instead of the weakest other utility skill.

Apart from that, there are various traits which increase either Precision or Critical Chance directly.
Some of them will easily put you above 100% Critical Chance so you don't need any Assassin's pieces.

Below are some popular trait choices to push Critical Chance.

Skills increasing Critical Chance


Traits increasing Critical Chance

ProfessionSpecializationTraitConditionCritical ChancePrecision
ElementalistWeaverTarget must have Weakness10%210
GuardianRadianceTarget must have Burning10%210
GuardianRadiancePlayer must have Retaliation50%1050
GuardianRadianceOnly for one-handed weapons15%315
RangerSkirmishingPlayer must hit from behind or the side10%210
RangerSkirmishingPlayer must have Fury10%210
EngineerFirearmsTarget must have Bleeding10%210
EngineerFirearmsTarget must be closer than 300 units15%315
ThiefCritical StrikesPlayer health must be above 90%5%105
ThiefCritical StrikesPlayer must hit from behind or the side7%147
NecromancerCurses2% per unique condition on targetup 28%up to 588
NecromancerReaper2% per stack of Vulnerability on targetup to 50%up to 1050

Traits increasing Precision

WarriorDiscipline (this only applies to yourself!)85
ThiefDeadeyeTarget must be marked200
ElementalistWeaverConverts 13% of your Vitality to Precision

Note: Conversion traits only take flat modifiers from items, runes, food and infusions into consideration. Things like boons (e.g. Might), traits (e.g. other conversions), skills (e.g. ), group buffs (e.g. ) or the are not included.