Heal Firebrand

T4 Support Build


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Key Skills

Despite being very common in pugs, this build is not the meta! It is part of a composition called PuG meta, you can read more about it here. We recommend to play Heal Renegade for PuGs who are more organized and know the mechanics (after around 150-250+ ), also a Firebrand can deal way more damage than Renegade. However if you fail mechanics Heal Firebrand is a way to success.

If you play this build we highly recommend learning the share variant. If you want a good and smooth run, take a look at the Fractal Pages. This class will not be doing much damage but understanding how the class works best and when to do sharing is important!


Note that this build variant is optimized for 150 agony resistance.
If you have more AR, feel free to swap out harrier pieces for cleric, as long as you are maintaining 100% boon duration. Please take in mind, that this is not THE gear setup you have to play, many variants work. It is all about maximizing boon duration and healing power.
Yes, you can play full harrier - however, you will lose some healing power.

Check the gear optimizer for more gear variants!

  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier Staff

    Transference, Concentration

  • Harrier Axe


  • Harrier Shield


Swap Weapons
  • Greatsword for pulling adds in 99 CM
  • A hammer for Might pre-stacking

Back and trinkets

  • Radiance

  • Honor

  • Firebrand

Situational Traits
In some T4s with a lot of attacking enemies it can be beneficial to bring this trait. This trait trades Might for more heals.


In case your team downs frequently and is unable to handle mechanics correctly, you can swap radiance for virtues. This however is not the default build and should only be played under extreme circumstances, like very bad instability combos or beginner groups.

  • Virtues

Situational Skills
A strong condition cleanse to counterplay Afflicted.
When there is absolutely no need for Stability.
A 1,200 range teleport to an ally. Can be used to blink to a .
A 1,200 range teleport to an enemy. Very handy for some skips.
Can be used where Stability or stun break is needed. Preferred over .
Can be used where Stability or stun break is needed.
A strong heal.
Deals additional 200 defiance bar damage.
A stationary reflect lasting for 10 seconds. Can be used to counterplay We Bleed Fire.
A slow but strong CC skill. Also destroys projectiles inside.

It provides permanent Quickness, Regeneration, Fury and a decent amount of might. Exactly like the meta-counterpart it provides good offensive support via , it is important to understand that the signet share is essential to faster runs and sharing extra power during Exposed (broken Defiance bar). The main source of Quickness is and ; is optional.

The Heal Firebrand heals with any symbols, dodges, Regeneration, , and if necessary . If your group is unable to stay alive, you can swap out your offensive support ( and radiance) to virtues for more heals, but it should not be needed.

When Afflicted is present or enemies are applying conditions, you can use (Staff3) and blast it with (Staff2) for area condition cleanse.

Skill Usage


  • Press
  • Press and each twice; press
  • Take mistlock
  • Press again

To keep up Quickness:

  • Use and but leave one charge left (unless the fight is close to being over)
  • Only use these skills close to your allies - try to "puke" on them with the mantras

To keep up Might and Fury:

  • Always prestack Might on the mistlock!
  • You can press (Axe2) two times before your (Staff 4) if off cooldown again.
  • You wanna maximize the uptime of while pressing off cooldown.


  • Always use ! This is one of the most important things you have to do!
  • Use (Axe3)
  • Use (Shield5)
  • Using consumables such as , and is highly encouraged, since you having nothing to do anyway.

Tomes are very useful when no other skills are ready. also gets refreshed every time an enemy dies (works with anomalies at Artsariiv/Arkk, knights at MAMA and hallucinations at Siax).

and are great for high incoming damage scenarios.

  • (F1):

    • Skill 4 is a ticking AoE, good for single target and great for AoE DPS
    • Skill 5 makes your surrounding allies inflict Burning - worth using as precast
    • Skill 3 is an AoE pull (150 defiance bar damage)
    • Often these skills are used as an opener
  • (F2):

    • Skill 2 is a party condition cleanse
    • Skill 4 is a good party heal
    • Skill 5 increases healing on allies for 8s by 33% and converts up to 5 conditions to boons
  • (F3):

CC skills
150 damage
150 damage
300 damage

This guide is good for people who want to start fractals with heal firebrand. We still highly recommend running the Radiance/Honor build variant from our Build section so you start playing with the proper build!

In-depth build guide by Rheyo