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Key Skills
  • Good
Synergy high
DPS very low
Independence average
Acquiring basicsvery easy
Achieving masteryeasy

This build is very common in PuGs. It is part of a composition called PuG Meta. More info about this composition can be found here. This build provides a high amount of boons and a lot of safety to the group via its healing. It therefore shines most in less experienced groups as well as when you have bad instabilities. Once the safety of a dedicated healer is no longer needed, you can move on to running Power Firebrand or Condi Firebrand. We also added a new heal variant that is inbetween the full heal and damage versiont called Zealot Firebrand for parties wanting to transition to no heal runs.

Heal Firebrand provides a good amount of

, permanent
as well as some
. It also has on-demand access to

It offers a decent amount of healing through symbols, dodges,

, etc.

Similar to the Power Firebrand it provides good offensive support by sharing the 216


The build is very flexible and can be adapted to the encounter, instabilities and the group you are playing with.


Note that this build variant is optimized for 150 agony resistance.
If you have more AR, feel free to swap out more Harrier pieces for Cleric but make sure you are maintaining 100% boon duration on both weapon sets.

You can play full Harrier, however you will lose some


Check the gear optimizer for more gear variants!

  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier Staff

    Transference, Concentration

  • Harrier Axe


  • Harrier Shield


Swap Weapons
  • Greatsword for pulling adds in Nightmare CM after MAMA.
  • Mace when
    is fully covered by others.

Back and trinkets

Default Build
  • Radiance

  • Honor

  • Firebrand

Common Utility Skills
A strong AoE heal for 5 seconds.
A strong condition cleanse to counterplay
. Also offers extra passive healing through
without a cast time. Use this when when the extra damage mitigation from
is more beneficial than the cleanse or healing from another utility.
Provides 200 extra Defiance bar damage when no other utility is needed.
Can be used for extra
. Advantages over
are the instant cast and the lower cooldown.
Can be used for extra
. This skill provides more
on a stationary target than
Strong CC over time for mostly stationary enemies with a defiance bar.
Stationary reflect for 8 seconds.
Burns enemies and cleanses conditions from allies within. Useful when conditions are inflicted multiple times in a short period of time but often inferior to
Less Common Utility Skills
Can be run with Radiance in Condition-based groups to share 216
. Keep in mind that this does not provide the immediate defiance bar damage of
Provides extra
1200 range blink to an enemy. Mainly useful for skips.
1200 range blink to an ally. Can be used for skips to blink to a
. Can also be taken to help allies who frequently down.
Elite Skills
Should always be used unless there is absolutely no need for
Can be used if you struggle upkeeping
Good passive healing if neither of the other 2 skills are useful in a given situation.

  • Virtues

If you need more healing or an extra free utility slot, you can swap out Radiance for Virtues. You can then remove
for a 2nd utility of choice. Keep in mind that you will lose out on a lot of CC, the shared 216
and the shared 216
from triggering
, so only take this when the extra healing is needed, most likely when dealing with bad instabilities or for less experienced groups.

Situational Traits
If there is no need for the personal
Trades in some
for extra healing, can be useful for some T4 fractals with many attacking adds.
Use this when you are using a Consecration skill while running the Virtues trait line.
Skill Explanations
  • does decent damage even as a healer.
  • places a symbol that will pulse
    . Due to
    this will also passively heal allies within. This skill should be used off-cooldown when on the Axe weapon set.
  • can be used for CC or to pull adds together.
  • grants
    . This is your main source of
    so make sure to prioritize this skill when
    is needed.
  • is very versatile. This skill can be double-tapped for quick CC or healing or can be channeled longer for negating projectiles. This skill will cancel other skills you are currently casting.
  • is rather weak but can be used to aggro enemies from range.
  • can be used to heal, aggro adds from range or to blast
    or condi cleanse.
  • places a symbol that will pulse
    . Due to
    this will also passively heal allies within. This skill should be used off-cooldown when on the Staff weapon set.
  • is one of your main sources of
    and should be used off-cooldown while on Staff. You can give yourself
    while channeling via instant cast skills if attacks are incoming.
  • is a very niche skill. This skill will cancel other skills you are currently casting.
  • does decent damage and heals when finishing the auto-attack chain.
  • places a symbol that will pulse
    . Due to
    this will also passively heal allies within. This skill should be used off-cooldown when on the Mace weapon set.
  • grants
    if you block an attack while channeling it. It can sometimes be useful to run itno an attack on purpose while channeling this attack to trigger the
CC Skills
150 damage
150 damage
300 damage
200 damage
Skill 3
150 damage
150/s damage

Activating a Tome will replace your weapon skills and grant you 5 skill usages in the Tome. You can also leave the Tome early though.

Entering a Tome has a cast time and your Skill 5 on both weapon sets can cancel skill casts so make sure to not spam the 5 button when entering the Tome or you might end up cancelling the Tome.

Tomes also have the passive effect from the Virtues. Through

those passive effects will be kept even if the Tomes are on cooldown.

All Tomes are built in a similar way:

  • Skill 1 creates an effect in a cone in front of you.
  • Skill 2 creates an effect around you.
  • Skill 3 is a ground target skill.
  • Skill 4 creates a field.
  • Skill 5 grants a unique buff to your allies.


  • Use this Tome mainly for providing a Fire Field.
  • Skill 1 and 2 are mostly useless on Heal Firebrand.
  • Skill 3 is a CC. It pulls enemies together and can be used from range.
  • Skill 4 creates a Fire Field that can be used to blast
  • Skill 5 grants an effect to allies that makes them inflict burning on their next attacks. This scales with
    so be careful when using this skill or skip it entirely when running with Condi Firebrands.
  • When running Radiance, dealing damage with any skill in this Tome will trigger
    and share the
    to allies.
  • When running Radiance killing certain enemies will reset this Tome. Keep in mind this will not reset the skills in the Tome.
  • A common rotation in this Tome is 4-(5)-exit.


  • Use this Tome for emergency healing and cleansing.
  • Skill 1 heals in a cone in front of you.
  • Skill 2 heals and cleanses conditions.
  • skill 3 gives some boons but will rarely be used.
  • Skill 4 places a healing field that can also be blasted for extra healing.
  • Skill 5 converts conditions into boons and grants allies an cimoning healing modifier.
  • When running Virtues entering this Tome also cleanses conditions.
  • Common rotations in this Tome are 2-5-4-1-2 for maximum sustained healing or 5-4-2-1-1 for maximum burst healing.


  • Use this Tome for massive
    or a reflect.
  • Skill 1 grants
  • Skill 2 inflicts 1 second of
    on the enemy.
  • Skill 3 places a bubble that reflects incoming projectiles.
  • Skill 4 places a field that pulses
    to allies. This will help dealing with non-damaging conditions such as
  • Skill 5 provides
    as well as extra Toughness.
  • There is no set rotation in this Tome, use whatever skills you need for their utility and make sure to press Skill 5 as it is an incredibly strong skill.
  • You can camp in this Tome for a few extra seconds to get an extra cast on an important skill, for example a 2nd reflect. However only do this when absolutely needed as you will not have access to the boons and healing your weapon skills provide.
Providing Boons
Standard Boons
  • will be provided by using
    (which triggers
    every 7 seconds) and
    . Keep 2 charges of
    to provide
    and use it evrey time you go back to 3 charges. You can use
    down to 0 charges whenever you are stacked with your group.
  • comes from different sources.
    is a big source of
    and should be used off-cooldown whenever you are on Staff and on the group. Using
    Skill 4 and blasting it with
    will also grant
    and give others the option to also blast additional
    . Using
    as mentioned above will also contribute to
  • will be provided through
    . Make sure to use this off-cooldown when on the Axe weapon set while peopel are stacked together. Try to use this skill 2 times before swapping to Staff.
  • mainly comes from
    . Make sure to use this whenever you are on Staff.
  • will be provided through
    when equipped. You can use it similarly to
    and keep 2 charges for condi cleanse while providing some
    whenever it goes back to 3 charges.
  • Some
    can be provided through
    . This is your only reliable source of
    as you do not want to use
    just for the
    from Skill 5.
  • is provided through
    . If you think you will not need a lot of
    you can use this down to 2 charges similar to
    in order to provide some
    to the group.
Pre-Stacking Boons
  • Provide a Fire Field if needed.
    Skill 4 provides a short Fire Field.
    provides a longer Fire Field as well as extra
    but has to be specifically slotted for pre-stacking.
  • to blast
  • and cast
    once and every other equipped Mantra as often as you can during the cast.
  • if you have it equipped.
  • if you can start the fight within 10 seconds of usage.
  • Take the singularity.
  • and use
    once during this cast.
  • on the way to the boss and swap to Axe before the fight starts to place
  • Correct application of
    requires knowledge of the encounters and which attacks are impactful to block.
  • As mentioned above keep
    and 2 charges and use them when
    is needed.
  • will also give
    . Prioritize this over the charges of
    since this is also your main source of
  • Skill 5 will also provide
    , however you will not enter this Tome for a single application of
  • is an instant-cast skill providing
    when chosen.
  • If Mace is equipped,
    also grants
    when blocking an attack while channeling.
  • You can use instant-cast skills, namely
    while channeling other skills so if you need to use
    but an attack is incoming you can still cast it and get
    from one of those skills.
  • Correct application of
    requires knowledge of the encounters and which attacks and be negated with
    without taking too much damage.
  • Make sure to not apply too much
    at once. For example if you use
    , you will most likely not need to apply any more
    until the boon ends since it provides 5 stacks.
  • is the easiest access to
    . However keep in mind this only provides one stack.
  • The most common utility skill choice for extra
    but when the longer cooldown of
    is not an issue that one can be used very well on stationary targets.
  • You can use
    while casting
    if an interrupt is incoming.
  • will also grant access to a very high amount of
    but is on a fairly long cooldown. Make sure to open the Tome ahead of time due to both the Tome and the skills within having a cast time.
  • Make sure to provide enough healing while in
    since it replaces your weapons skills. This can be achieved though dodges, utility skills or pre-placed symbols.
Sustained Healing
  • Try to keep your group alive as well as you can through sustained healing and use your burst healing only when it is needed. Keep in mind that active damage mitigation through avoiding attacks or blocking them is very valuable and will help a lot more than a slight increase in healing numbers.
  • A lot of consistent healing comes from your symbols through
    . Since you want to use
    off-cooldown anyways to provide boons, This will give you a nice amount of healing through the entire fight. Same goes for
  • Thanks to
    you will also heal at the end of a dodge roll. Make sure to keep enough endurance to avoid mechanics but otherwise feel free to use up dodges for healing.
  • If
    is equipped, it will provide
    to your group so make sure to use it down to 2 charges whenever it goes back up to 3.
  • If Mace is equipped the auto-attacks will provide a good amount of healing and
    will provide extra
Burst Healing
  • For emergency situations you have some smaller burst healing options as well as your
  • If you are swapping to Staff when healing is needed keep in mind that
    provides healing over time while
    provide burst healing.
  • is a great option for high burst healing when slotted.
  • is the biggest source of burst healing and should be used as a last resort due to its long cooldown. However due to the cast of both opening the Tome and the skils within, make sure to not hesitate too long. If hte healing does not need to be immediate you can use 2-5-4-1-2, if you need the instant burst healing you can use 5-4-2-1-1.
Condition Cleanse
  • If a lot of condition cleanse is needed you will most likely slot
    which will then be your main reliable source of condition cleanse while also providing some extra
  • Blasting Light Fields also causes area condition cleanse. On Staff you can place
    and blast it with
  • Skill 2 and 5 will cleanse conditions as well, however same as with burst healing this is often a last resort. When running Virtues, opening this Tome will also cleanse conditions.

Here's two In-Depth video guides on Heal Firebrand. Keep in mind that we still highly recommend playing the default Radiance/Honor build from the build section.

Build Guide by Ascers

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