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Template Code
  • Power Damage
Synergy high
DPS very high
Independence low
Acquiring basicsaverage
Achieving masterydifficult

The Power Weaver is currently one of the strongest DPS builds for fractals. Power Weaver provides conjures, Vulnerability, and additional Might through placing fire fields and blasting them. Also it is very useful for some T4 skips like Aetherblade, Cliffside, Thaumanova Reactor etc. thanks to high mobility and Lightning Flash.

Unfortunately this build is pretty squishy and besides the healing skill does not have any defensive abilities to mitigate damage or cleanse conditions, so high awareness is required. Special care needs to be taken on fractals with Mistlock Instability: We Bleed Fire.

Also this build depends pretty much on supports and boon uptimes, as it can't provide any boons itself besides some Might by blasting fire fields. This build has one of the most fluid rotations in game which makes it enjoyable to play if given some dedication. The build benefits heavily from slaying potions and sigils such as Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet's Armies and Superior Sigil of Serpent Slaying.


If you are going to play without Spotter or Banner of Discipline you will be missing 100 precision. To crit cap you can either adjust your gear using our gear optimizer linked below, or simply use Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup.

Check the gear optimizer for more gear variants!

  • Berserker


  • Berserker


  • Berserker


  • Berserker


  • Berserker


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  • Berserker


Profession Image
  • 3909.2
  • 1243
  • 1251
  • 2568
  • 1864.3
  • 750
  • 0
  • 243
  • 162
  • 0
  • 2210
  • 14155
  • 99.67%
  • 274.3%
  • 0
  • 0%
  • 16.2%
  • 0
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Weaver
Situational Traits
With low group DPS and long phases this might pull ahead of Bolt to the Heart.
If you can't profit from Stormsoul (e.g. Artsariiv, PuG Ensolyss).
Useful for skipping with Superspeed, especially in combination with Executioner Axe Toy or .
Defiance Bar Damage
332 with Launch
232 with Launch
100 with Daze
200 with Knockdown
125 with Float
33 / s (99) with Chilled
15 / s (45) with Crippled
Swap Weapons
  • Dagger with Superior Sigil of the Night

  • Dagger with Superior Sigil of Serpent Slaying

  • Daggers with slaying sigils (see Cheat Sheet)

  • A warhorn for Sand Squall and Heat Sync for tempest precast.

  • A staff to precast Meteor Shower on some encounters

Situational Skills
Take it for additional Might from fire fields. It is much less healing than glyph.
Helps with keeping up Superior Rune of the Scholar when burst heal is not needed.
Another alternative healing skill affecting allies close to the target you strike.
Use this skill instead of Arcane Blast if you need extra cleave damage at the cost of some target dps. Also useful to generate Might with a fire field.
Must have when phase times are pretty short and it is impossible to get full burst inside Exposed effect or phases are too short.
Good on larger hitboxes and fast phase times instead of Primordial Stance. Precast that skill everywhere where it is possible for DPS increase.
Precast it for Renegade for additional cc on encounters like Siax.
Provides three blocks for things like the console in Aetherblade Fractal.
Another defensive utility skill granting Protection and Stability.
Strong defence against pulsing damage like the Heat Room in Thaumanova Reactor Fractal.
A teleport with a range of 900 units. Very important skill for certain skips, especially in combination with White Mantle Portal Device, useful in fractals like Cliffside Fractal, Aetherblade Fractal and Underground Facility Fractal.
Rotation / Skill usage

Golem rotations out of the raid builds are generally suboptimal in fractals due to Exposed and phases being much shorter compared to raids. The raid rotations are optimized for sustained DPS while in fractals a player needs the ability to adapt a rotation to the amount of time a group needs to finish a phase.\ For that reason you can find a video with openers, that are efficient to use here.

Weaver openers
by KalzeN [dT], edited by Vince [dT]
Advanced Notes
Burst priority

/ bursting options and priority:

Keep eye on boss HP/Exposed duration to optimize the / burst priority there are 3 options for that burst:

  • Fire Grab -> Cauterizing Strike -> Ring of Fire

When phases are that fast that you are not sure to get both hits with Fire Grab + Cauterizing Strike, OR When Exposed window is tight and you have time to cast only one of those skills within it. Fire Grab has ALWAYS higher priority than other two skills in /

  • Cauterizing Strike -> Ring of Fire -> Fire Grab

When you have enough time to use all those skills within phase time/Exposed window or its situation like Skorvald/Siax phase 2 where you delay your Fire Grab like that to let it hit with Bolt to the Heart modifier

  • Ring of Fire -> Cauterizing Strike -> Fire Grab

When there are a lot of adds around and you have to time to hit both burst skills within Exposed/phase time. That option gives additional Persisting Flames stacks before burst.

  • Try to finish your auto-attack chains (/ and /).

  • Use Arcane Blast when the target's defiance bar is broken and you have Elements of Rage and Conjure Lightning Hammer up.

  • On small hitboxes Firestorm is better than Lightning Storm, use it while attuning to .


If a Mistlock Singularity is present you should precast boons and particular effects for better group performance.

There are two possible ways to precast boons as Elementalist.

Weaver Precast
  • Start on Earth Attunement/Fire Attunement with your Sword/Dagger and cast Ring of Fire to provide a fire field.

  • Blast it using Earthen Vortex, then attune to Fire Attunement/Earth Attunement and cast Earthquake, Arcane Brilliance and Churning Earth for extra blasts.

  • Precast Glyph of Elemental Power and Arcane Power, and swap back to Glyph of Storms and Arcane Blast.

  • Equip a staff and cast Conjure Fiery Greatsword while attuning to Air Attunement/Fire Attunement.

  • Take the Mistlock Singularity.

It is recommended to use separate precast build to get additional buffs like Elemental Surge for openers and more boons from them.

Weaver precasting build template:

  • Arcane
  • Air
  • Weaver
Tempest Precast
  • Start on Earth Attunement with your warhorn/staff tempest precast template and cast Sand Squall just when you get Quickness from any source ( the best if fire field is actually placed for might blast ).

  • Swap to Fire Attunement and use Heat Sync and cast Arcane Brilliance and weapon swap to staff.

  • Precast Glyph of Elemental Power and Arcane Power while in Fire Attunement

  • Precast Conjure Fiery Greatsword, take the Mistlock Singularity and swap your template to weaver. Attune to Air Attunement/Fire Attunement.

  • Take the Mistlock Singularity

  • NOTE: When using this precast it is recommended that one party member will bring the fire field. Otherwise use Wildfire before using Heat Sync.

Tempest precasting build template:

  • Arcane
  • Air
  • Tempest
Other advices
  • If you have spare time before the encounter becomes active

    • Start in

    • Precast Meteor Shower on staff, swap back to sword/dagger and attune to while casting. This can't be done using weapon swap as it interrupts casts, it is recommended to use build template for that purpose.

  • When there is an available Mistlock Singularity but the party is not going for a full precast (mostly in t4s) at least precast Conjure Fiery Greatsword for yourself.

Rotation (Bolt to the Heart)

The general idea is to loop between / and / using your strongest skills like Invoke Lightning in Fire with Elements of Rage up.

  1. Lightning Storm
  2. Quantum Strike
  1. Pyro Vortex
  2. Ride the Lightning
  3. Flame Uprising
  4. Fire Strike => Fire Swipe => Searing Slash
  5. Conjure Lightning Hammer \Only if pre-casted LHSkip the fire auto-attack chain above
  1. Invoke Lightning \Only if pre-casted LH
  2. Lightning Swing => Static Swing => Thunderclap \Only if pre-casted LH
  3. Cauterizing Strike
  4. Fire Grab
  5. Flame Uprising
  1. Ring of Fire
  2. Charged Strike => Polaric Slash => Call Lightning
  3. Charged Strike => Polaric Slash => Call Lightning
  1. Charged Strike => Polaric Slash => Call Lightning
  2. Quantum Strike
  1. Pyro Vortex
  2. Ride the Lightning
  3. Flame Uprising
  4. Conjure Fiery Greatsword
  1. Fiery Rush
  2. Firestorm
  3. Cauterizing Strike
  4. Ring of Fire
  5. Fire Strike => Fire Swipe => Searing Slash
  6. Flame Uprising
  1. Charged Strike => Polaric Slash => Call Lightning
  2. Fire Grab
  3. Charged Strike => Polaric Slash => Call Lightning

If you pre-casted a Conjure Lightning Hammer, skip your 1st auto-attack chain in / and use Invoke Lightning => Lightning Swing => Static Swing => Thunderclap instead.

With Fresh Air, you do one Twin Strike in before going directly into / after using your Fire skills.

Golem Rotation
by Fallen [SC]