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  • November 19, 2023
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  • Power Damage
Synergy high
DPS high
Independence high
Acquiring basicsaverage
Achieving masterydifficult
The Power Alac Chronomancer is currently the strongest boon build for Mesmer in fractals.
Despite having longer ramp-up times compared to Power Alac Renegade, it is strong for PuGs and gets suboptimal the faster groups gonna get, especially at Arstariiv due to the lack of Resistance.
To succeed as a Power Alac Chronomancer in higher-end groups you'll need to be able to adapt your rotation and push the limits of your class.
You'll provide boon removal through a various range of options, especially by utilising
The Mesmer provides an optimal skipping toolset for T4 fractals, which should be taken advantage of.
If necessary the build can bring its own Quickness and Might making it rather self sufficient.
This build profits from sigils like
as well as slaying potions such as
instead of
will increase your personal target damage, but eventually trade of cleave damage on Skorvald/Arkk/MAMA.
For PuGs we recommend to stick with
due to overall longer phase times.
Use the Gear Optimizer to adjust your gear.
  • Berserker
  • Assassin
  • Assassin
  • Assassin
  • Assassin
  • Assassin
  • Assassin

  • Assassin
  • Assassin

Any item with the same stats may be used!

Weapons Choices
Always play Greatsword main-hand.
  • strongest raw dps output
  • ranged cleave damage
  • Auto-Attack chains boon rip
  • as a strong burst/evade
  • to leap at a target at max 600 range
  • is your highest CC option
  • is a 5 target pull
  • mitigates projectiles
  • Dueling
  • Domination
  • Chronomancer
Situational Traits
  • Illusions
You can go play Illusions over Domination when you're facing Quickness uptime issues to be more self-sufficient in bad groups, if you're also lacking Might and Fury consider going
as well.
can be taken for additional group sustain.
Utilise Mirage for skips!
along with the typical Mesmer toolset makes it really good for mobility and skips.
Defiance Bar Damage
100-400 damage
200 damage
550 damage within 3s
600 damage
150 damage
2x 100 damage
250 damage
150 damage
Slow50 damage per second
300 damage after 3s
300 damage
150 damage per cast
Situational Skills
Every utility skill can be exchanged.
Check out the toolkit below to decide.
Highest damage priority.
Necessary in order to provide 8 Might and permanent Fury.
Strongest Boon removal tool for Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain.
300 break bar damage combined with a small dps gain compared to
A personal dps gain, when no additional utility is required.
Two instant casts of 150 break bar damage each.
300 break bar damage immediately.
Higher DPS compared to
but slower and less CC.
Two instant cast of group-wide Stability and additionally Aegis when channeled e.g. to single handedly block the AoE at the start of Arstariiv p2 and p3.
Group-wide condi cleanse.
For precasting
at bosses and double casting
during skips.
Mainly for Artsariiv to reflect Taw Shot.
For skipping sections of the fractal for your party.
1200 range blink, use it for skips!
For stealthing your party for skips, can be combined with
for 18 seconds of stealth.
A source of group Aegis for situational uses, such as the Underground Facility door.
600 range leap, can be cancelled mid-air for slightly more range.
450 range blink, 3 charges.
1200-2400(1500 activation) range targeted teleport. This skill is tricky because of its random nature but allows for some skips.
Skill priority
To play Power Alacrity Chronomancer in fractals you need to adapt on the go, as Phantasms/Wells are our main damage source, but also slower than most skills of other classes.
If you lose yourself in the rotation follow this priority list:
  1. On Greatsword
    is your strongest skill and should be used of cooldown to be able to get three usages before swapping (utilising
  2. On Sword
    follows the same principle.
  3. You want to use your utility skills in the following priority:
    1. (when no CC is required)
  4. Ideally
    can be used three times and
    twice. On Dagger/Sword you basically prioritise the same way,
    twice as well and
    three times.
  5. Only your Sword Auto-Attacks require you to finish a chain. Dagger would ideally not get interrupted within the single cast applications, while Greatsword deals consistent damage during its cast and therefor is supposed to get canceled as soon as one of the higher priority skills becomes available again.
If the boss gets close to phasing, remember that your personal damage skills are faster than Wells and Phantasms, but that they deal less damage over time, this means that you have to get a feeling for group dps, to be able to guess when it becomes suboptimal to cast any further skills of those.
Even though casting Phantasms already covers a large portion of the necessary Alacrity uptime, shatters take an important part as well thanks to
Most fractal encounters include downtimes in between their phases, which means that you would want to make use of as many Clones as possible, to build up spare uptime.
Make sure to cast
on cooldown and ensure to keep three Clones for this one, since it's your main damage Shatter.
As long as that requirement is matched you can freely use any spare Clones on
; and
(as long as there is no upcomming defiance break).
Continuum Split
rewinds all your skills back to the status they have been while entering. The durations depends on the amount of Clones spent, but usually two Clones are the optimal amount.
Your goal should be to cast as many high priority skills during that time window, to be able to cast them twice as often as usual.
Since your Shatters will get rewinded as well, you can shatter all of them for additional Alacrity.
Rotation / Skill usage
Golem rotations out of the raid builds are generally suboptimal in fractals due to Exposed and phases being much shorter compared to raids. The raid rotations are optimized for sustained DPS while in fractals a player needs the ability to adapt a rotation to the amount of time a group needs to finish a phase.
It's important to note that Phantasms do not benefit from most modifiers unless it is stated to be the case.
They do however benefit from Exposed.
Example with
  • would usually be your dps choice if there is no need for
  • Start on Dagger/Sword
  1. Precast finished
    1. on Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain days without a defiance bar
    2. or
      if the boss has a defiance bar (strips NPNG as well)
  2. -> Weapon Swap
    1. if the boss has a defiance bar
  3. (
    1. (
    2. (
      ) + remaining shatters
    3. ->
  4. (
  5. Weapon Swap
  6. remaining stacks of
At the Mistlock Singularity
  • Blast fire fields with
  • Use
    twice (
  • Precast
    and take the Singularity when your group is done pre-buffing.
At the boss
  • Use
    before your
    timer runs out.
  • As long as you are not already in combat cast
    and swap to your combat set.
  • Depending on the phase length and if CC is required, you can also precast
  • Use
Golem Rotation
by Tipcat
Rotation Adjustments
The Opener takes around 15s and
has 70s cooldown with permanent Alacrity.
Now it is up to you to figure out how many usages you can get at a certain fractal encounter and which phases would even be long enough to recommend using it.
Oftentimes you won't even have access to all the skills that got used in the opener above, or maybe you still gonna have cooldown on your Weapon-Swap.
Based on that, another approach could be to by-pass phases with low ressources by duplicating the few options you've got.
Otherwise double-casting Wells only makes sense at 9s+. Therefor you could also precast them, skipping their cast times during the actual phase, while still taking advantage of most of the pulsing/final damage.