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  • Condi Damage
Synergy very high
DPS high
Independence average
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masteryaverage

This build is META in full condi groups. In power groups this build will fall massively behind Power Soulbeast - the power damage counterpart.

Condi Soulbeast is a DPS build with high sustained damage and reasonable burst that also provides strong party buffs with Sun Spirit and One Wolf Pack, and crowd control (CC) skills. This build is mostly used for 100CM, for most other fractals, especially if your group are playing power builds, you will be better off playing the power variant found here.

This build is rather self sufficient due to:

  • Boon extension by Essence of Speed, "We Heal As One!"

  • Good CC with Brutal Charge and Concussion Shot

  • High mobility via Instinctive Engage and Quick Shot

Overall this is a very well rounded build that is rewarding to play in both PuGs and organized teams alike.

  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Viper


  • Viper

    Bursting, Earth

  • Viper


  • Viper


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  • 2923
  • 1243
  • 1120
  • 1976
  • 150
  • 2732
  • 773
  • 243
  • 162
  • 0
  • 2361
  • 17122
  • 81.48%
  • 160%
  • 0
  • 51.53%
  • 16.2%
  • 0
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Skirmishing
  • Soulbeast
Situational Skills
Your standard 3rd utility. Provides a partywide damage increase by causing you and allies to periodically inflict Burning.
A replacement for Sun Spirit, this allows your Renegade to lower their boon duration and deal substantially more DPS! Alternatively if you have more than one Soulbeast, one can drop Sun Spirit.
A replacement for Sun Spirit. Only taken if you do not need to provide Sun Spirit or Moa Stance.
Area condi cleanse, also for allies if you play Leader of the Pack.
Area condi cleanse, taken if you are playing Oppressive Superiority or your party needs a long lasting condi cleanse. Very useful on 100CM!
Warthog - Best CDPS pet that also brings CC, also this is the pet you use in Beastmode.
Bristleback - Used to precast some extra Bleeding. Is also the best CDPS pet for when there are multiple targets. Only take Bristleback if you can consistently get 5+ hits from Rain of Spikes without delaying the skill too much.
Lynx - Best single target CDPS pet. Taken if you don't need the CC from Warthog
Further information
Situational Traits
Take this instead of Predator's Cunning if boon uptime in your party is bad and you want some extra generation.
Off-hand Dagger

Running an off-hand Dagger is similar DPS to Torch providing you can flank permanently and your group can't make use of the fire field from Bonfire. It also has the benefit of having an evade through using Stalker's Strike.

Swap Weapons
  • A Yassith's Herald (selected attribute does not matter!) to blast might when prestacking boons.
  • A weapon set to precast Superior Sigil of Doom and Superior Sigil of Leeching before getting into fight.
Defiance Bar Damage
300 damage (F2 in Beastmode)
200 damage (Shortbow 5)
50/s Immobile, 15/s Crippled (Shortbow 4)
33/s Chilled, 20/s Weakness (Axe 3)
Rotation / Skill usage

When playing Condi Soulbeast in 100CM, Light on your Feet is much more attractive choice than Quick Draw which is used in raids. The reason being that Ai moves around far too much for you to be able to benefit from using skills like Bonfire twice in most cases. Also with some strategic dodging during movement and downtime you can keep a very high Light on your Feet uptime especially during your bursts which leads to very high DPS.

The rotation in general is very simple, just keep rotating between your Shortbow and Dagger/Torch set using your utility skills as often as you can. When you get to the point of auto attacking use your Beastmode skills to fill.

Shortbow Golem Rotation
  1. Viper's Nest
  2. One Wolf Pack
  3. Poison Volley
  4. Crippling Shot
  5. Concussion Shot
  6. Weapon Swap
  7. Vulture Stance + Sharpening Stone
  8. Double Arc
  9. Throw Torch
  10. Bonfire
  11. Maul
  12. Primal Cry
  13. Autoattack chain x2
  14. Double Arc
  15. Autoattack chain x3
  16. Double Arc
  17. Throw Torch
  18. Weapon Swap
  19. Poison Volley
  20. Crippling Shot
  21. Autoattack
  22. Maul
  23. Autoattack
  24. Concussion Shot
  25. Poison Volley
  26. Autoattack
  27. Primal Cry
  28. Autoattack
  29. Poison Volley
  30. Autoattack
  31. Crippling Shot
  32. Repeat from Step 5

Shortbow Golem Rotation
by Eren

When precasting in fractals we want to stack as many useful boons with as much duration as possible, these being Might, Fury, Quickness, Alacrity and Swiftness. We can also cast useful unique effects, for a Condi Soulbeast this means your stances such as Vulture Stance, Moa Stance and One Wolf Pack.

As a Condi Soulbeast there are also multiple skills and traits that can be quickly prestacked for extra condis and damage at the start of fights. These aren't necessary to do and depending on the encounter not all are possible, but if you have the time and can make use of them they are worth to use.


As a Condi Soulbeast we have three important stances to share with Leader of the Pack when precasting.

Moa Stance - This will increase your party members boon duration by 66%, which when added to the conversion from Mist Mobility Potion means your party will have close to 100% boon duration without even swapping gear. This means any boons your party stacks duration will be close to doubled.

Vulture Stance - This will help your party stack some initial condis and some initial Might at the start of the fight and should be the last thing you cast before taking the Mistlock Singularity.


Might - Before starting fights we want to have 25 stacks of Might, the standard way of this in fractals is from blasting a fire field. If no one else in your party will provide one you can use Bonfire on torch. in the fire field we want to use blast finishers which each one will give 3 stacks of Might for 20 seconds (not accounting for boon duration). Our main blast is from Call of the Wild which can be used twice and also gives 6 stacks of might for 10 seconds along with the blast (again not accounting for boon duration).

Fury and Swiftness - We can provide these boons again by using Call of the Wild. These boons stack up to 30 seconds, so by blasting twice with Warhorn and under the effect of Moa Stance, we can provide the maximum duration for our party.


Poison Master - If you can get into combat before precasting you can use Primal Cry (Merged F3) to proc Poison Master for some extra Poison stacks on your opener

Light on your Feet - Stacks in duration by dodging and using Quick Shot. This will increase you condi duration which means if you are playing with Superior Rune of the Afflicted means your duration will be almost capped. It also will increase your strike damage (power) for a bit of extra damage.


Sharpening Stone - Used for some additional Bleeding at the start of the fight. If you use a second time while you still have charges left, the original charges will be overwritten.

Sharpen Spines - Can be precasted by merging with Bristleback for extra bleeding at the start of the fight. This stacks in intensity so you can use the skill after taking the mistlock giving you 10 stacks of Bleeding.

Crippling Shot - Can be precasted giving you the effect Blood Thirst lasting for 11 seconds. When you have this effect and are merged your next 3 attacks will inflict 1 stack of Bleeding lasting for 12 seconds.

Double Arc - Can be precasted giving you the effect Poisonous Strike lasting for 7 seconds. When you have this effect and are merged your next 2 attacks will inflict 1 stack of Poison lasting for 6 seconds. This skill can be used twice giving you 3 charges.