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Key Skills

Synergy high
DPS very low
Independence average
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masteryeasy

The Heal Renegade plays with a mix of harrier's and cleric's gear for maximum power and healing power while still hitting 100% boon duration.

Since the damage and life steals of

are based on the Heal Renegade's own power and healing power, the Heal Renegade aims to maximize those stats.

Feel free to run full Harrier if you are confident that you don't need the extra healing power or toughness from cleric. The more agony resistance you have, the more cleric you can afford to run and still hit 100% boon duration.


Check the gear optimizer for more gear variants!

  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier


  • Harrier Sword


  • Harrier Sword


  • Harrier Staff

    Transference, Concentration


Back and trinkets
Swap Weapons
  • Hammer for some skips (most of them require )
  • Hammer and main-hand mace can be used for might blasting in groups that do not prestack might properly.
  • Salvation

  • Devastation

  • Renegade

Second trait variant

If you run out of energy too quickly, we recommend the Salvation/Invocation variant. This variant is also better for fractals where

doesn't help your party. This would include fractals where damage is time-gated and where you can't critically hit the enemies that matter.

You should consider running this trait variant in fractals like Molten Furnace and Captain Mai Trin.

Swap Devastation with this line:

  • Invocation

Template code:

Legend combos


More stability needed

No Pain No Gain Use the Salvation / Invocation / Renegade variant for more energy!

For more explanation go to the Guides tab above.


Citadel Order Skills

  • - Share two stacks of
    for each Kallas Fervor stack.
  • - Fire ten missiles that inflict high damage, and
  • - Share four pulses of

Sword Skills

  • - The auto-attack chain cleaves and provides
    on the two first attacks. The third attack creates an exploding rift on up to three targets, with each explosion hitting three targets. Potentially hitting nine times.
  • - High damage skill with low cooldown and energy cost, also provides
    . The second attack deals increased damage to isolated enemies.
  • - A two second evade that also provides
    to oneself.
  • - High damage skill, however should be used in key moments due to the energy cost, cooldown, and application of
  • - Shadowsteps to target, grants two hits with decent damage. Should be used in key moments, unless energy and timing allow it to be used for damage.

Staff Skills

  • - The autoattack chain cleaves and the last hit provides a decent amount of healing to allies.
  • - Provides
    and a small amount of healing to allies.
  • - A two second block that
  • - Provides a blast for a combo field, cleanses two conditions and heals allies for a fairly large amount.
  • - The strongest Crowd Control skill in your arsenal, which grants between three and nine hits of

Notable Traits

  • - Grant 25 more energy when you swap Legends below 10 energy.
  • - When you are above the health threshold your healing to allies is increased.
  • - When you invoke another legend, your healing is increased for 10 seconds.
  • - When you heal with
    you also apply
    to allies near the tablet.
  • -
    shares more stacks of
    and the duration is increased with 50%.
  • - The duration of
    shared from
    is increased with 50%.

You will need to reconsider the legends you are running in almost every fractal and therefore it is a nice habit to develop to check them after each fractal you have done. Some fractals demand three to four different legends in only one fractal. Below you will find the three most common setups that will serve you fine as well as a description of the skills in each legend.

Legends Setups:

  1. and

    • This is your most used setup that has the most healing output as well as a projectile block and extra condition cleanse.
  2. and

    • This is a specific setup for the instability
      and for when you want to increase your damage output on bosses that generate
      on themselves or when you need to pull adds using
  3. and

    • This is the setup you want to use on a few CM bosses (Skorvald and Artsariiv) as well as some fractals (Chaos last boss, possibly in Siren's Reef).

  • - Summons a spirit that heals you on cast and pulses heal to allies in an area around it. Reduces damages from conditions by 50%.
  • - Summons a spirit that causes your party to inflict
    on attack.
  • - Summons a spirit that
    s enemies in an area around it for ¼ seconds once per second for six seconds.
  • - Summons a spirit that deals high damage to enemies around it and inflicts
  • - Summons a spirit that enchants your party's attacks with life steal. Increases damage dealt by your party while healing them for each attack.

  • - Summon Ventari's Tablet which heals nearby allies every few seconds.
  • - Move Ventari's Tablet to the target location.
  • - Toggle: Summons a protective barrier that absorbs (not reflect) projectiles around the tablet.
  • - Heals the party for a decent amount around the tablet.
  • - Cleanses three conditions from allies near the tablet and heals per condition cleansed.
  • - Drains your remaining energy to explode Ventari's Tablet. Cleanses one condition per 10 energy drained. Ventari's Tablet shatters into smaller fragments that can be picked up by allies for a small heal.

  • - A decent self-heal that heals more for each unique condition on you.
  • - Draw one condition from nearby allies and provide
    to your party. Also works as a stunbreak.
  • - Removes three boons from enemies in a line up to five unique enemies and causes
    on enemies hit.
  • - Jump to a location and pull five nearby enemies to your location inflicting
    on them.
  • - Toggle: Deal damage to nearby enemies and pulse
    to them. Drains energy when toggled on.

  • - Powerful self heal and condition removal.
  • - Grant
    to your party and inflict
    and damage to enemies standing in the field.
  • - Shoot out a chain to your target that applies
    to your target and four nearby enemies.
  • - Toggle: Summon hammers to spin around you dealing damage to nearby enemies while draining your energy.
  • - Stunbreak, which reduces incoming damage by 50% for your party.
Defiance Bar

Hard Crowd Control

  • - Up to nine hits of 150
  • - Up to six hits of 100
  • - 300
  • - 150

Soft Crowd Control

  • -
    for 33 per second.
  • -
    for 50 per second.
  • -
    for 75 and 50 per second.