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  • June 2, 2023
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  • Power Damage
Synergy low
DPS average
Independence high
Acquiring basicsvery easy
Achieving masteryeasy
The Power Mechanist build is great for new players. It is very easy to play and deals a reasonable amount of damage, partly even at a range. It has a simple rotation, with a good amount of CC, which alongside its high self boon generation or Fury and Quickness, makes it very easy to play while dealing with mechanics. It also can help generate some Might for your party through
and if required,
The Power Alacrity Mechanist build is the boon support counterpart. It generates 100% Alacrity, a large amount of offensive boons (25 Might and 100% Fury) and the same benefits of an easy, ranged rotation as seen with Power Mechanist. Alongside the offensive boons it also provides some Protection and Barrier, with 1 stack of Stability and Aegis on a fairly long cooldown. While the build has fantastic offensive support, it is lacking in defensive support and CC compared to Power Alac Renegade, so it is important to make sure other members of you party can help to cover the gaps.
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker

Any item with the same stats may be used!

Due to being a power build, it massively benefits from slaying sigils and potions. Check out the Cheat Sheet to see all the combinations.
If you are struggling to maintain boons, consider replacing Berserker gear with Diviner to increase your Boon Duration,
This build uses 162 Agony Resistance, if you have more feel free to use our Gear Optimizer to adjust your gear (Currently Mechanist damage calculations are not accurate, however it can still be used for Precision and Concentration calculations).
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Mechanist
Situational Traits
Can be used to help generate some Might for your party if uptime is low.
  • Alac Mechanist
When playing Power Alacrity Mechanist, your other traitlines remain the same as Power Mechanist. By swapping Mechanist traits, you gain access to new jade bot skills, most importantly
, which are a large source of your boon generation.
  • Scrapper
For many skips in Tier 4 fractals, you can swap to Scrapper for more Stealth and Superspeed. Stealth can be provided through
. Superspeed is provided through Gyros with a delay due to
also provides some instant Superspeed on top.
can be used without drawing aggro from enemies.
can provide some instant Superspeed as well.
Additional DPS Skills
Jade Mech
Additional Alac Skills
Jade Mech
CC skills
232 damage
100 damage
232 damage
150 damage
232 damage
Immobile 50/s damage
Blinded 20/s damage
Chilled 33/s damage
Weakness 20/s damage
Situational Skills
If you need to swap out a utility skill,
should first be swapped. However,
is a big part of your damage and should only be swapped out if necessary.
An alternative heal skill if condition cleanse is needed and a small amount of group healing. Its flip skill,
can be used to blast combo fields.
Can be taken if extra CC is required
Has access to a block with
and a pull with
A Scrapper skill, used for group Stealth in T4 fractals.
Can be used for mobility and some skips in T4s
Rotation / Skill Usage
General Rotation
As previously mentioned, Power Mechanist has an extremely simple rotation, that consists of pressing certain skills pretty much off cooldown past your opener.
Your general opener is as follows, this applies to most encounters and phases that start with a CC bar:
  1. (Jade mech F2)
  2. (Rifle 4)
  3. (Rifle 2)
  4. (
  5. (
  6. (
  7. (Rifle 3)
  8. (Rifle 5)
  9. (Rifle 1)
Jade Mech Priority
Your Jade Mech skills should be pressed in most stuations off cooldown with the priority below. However, these should be delayed in needed, for example saving
to CC with.
  1. (Jade mech F2)
  2. (Jade mech F3)
  3. (Jade mech F1)
  4. (Elite Skill)
General Rotation
On Rifle
  • Use
    (Rifle 2) into
  • Press your other rifle skills off cooldown
  • In low gravity, skip
    (Rifle 5)
  • Use
    (Skill 4) and
    (Skill 5) when off cooldown
  • Use
    (Skill 2) after using
    (Rifle 2)
Alacrity Mechanist
As a Power Alacrity Mechanist your general weapon rotation does not change. However, you do gain a new set of Jade Mech skills. These should be used with the following priority in mind:
  1. (Jade mech F2)
  2. (Jade mech F3)
  3. (Jade mech F1)
  4. (Elite Skill)
Your boon generation is mostly passive and will be maintained by attacking and pressing your Jade Bot skills off cooldown. However, if you are starting from zero stacks of Might, you can instantly ramp to 25 stacks by using
If you are on movement heavy fights, traveling through portals or using forced movement mechanics like the updrafts on Skorvald, you mech may get left behind. Remember to let it catch up, resummon it or use
to port it before sharing boons.